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Various users of PC who are using the remote Canon printer for their business-related work or for jobs of individual printing mostly give a complain that their Canon printer does not respond at specific periods. Suppose you are encountering Canon printer not responding problems all the time, it is good to look for the expert’s assistance in repairing Canon printer experts, as they will be effectively ready to determine the problem occurring.

Is it accurate to say that you are receiving an error message “Canon printer not responding or not working” when you are trying to printing a report document for windows 10? Suppose this is true, then there is many types of solutions to your problem. Go below and read it for getting the solutions according to your problem.

Problem Message of Canon Printer not Responding in the version Windows 10, how can you solve it?

The error message of the Canon Printer not responding can cause some problems on your PC and keep you from printing the files and documents. Talking about this problem, there are some of the problems that users are reporting.

The message of error that is receiving to you printer not responding to all devices like Canon, HP, Epson, Samsung – This problem can show up with any of the brands of printer, and if you are also experiencing such type of problem then, make certain to try out some of the solutions steps.

Canon printer not responding error message showing up – This problem can once in a while show up in case you are using any of the brand wireless printers on your PC. To fix such a problem, ensure to disable your downloaded and installed antivirus as well as firewall and check out if that makes a difference.

The error message that is displayed like Canon printer not responding to computer/PC – Some of the time this type of problem can happen if your control panel drivers are outdated and not up-to-date. Basically, you need to update your drivers that are used by your printer and check if that is the best solution for the problem occurring on your PC.


First  Checkout your version of antivirus and firewall

Now and again, an error message of Canon printer not responding can show up due to your outdated antivirus or firewall. This is usually occurring in case you are using a Wi-Fi or printer’s network. To check out if you have the problem of antivirus, we are advising you to temporarily disable it and check if that makes a difference.

If not, then the next step will be just uninstalling your outsider software of antivirus. When you do that, check out if the problem is still occurring. If you remove the software of antivirus that is solving your problem, you must think of changing to other solutions of antivirus.

There are many tools available of antivirus, yet in case you are in search of any antivirus that will work well for you and your system, then try to use that one only.

Check out all the connections of printer

The clearest thing to check initially is the connection of printer with your PC or system to check out whether they’re all effectively connected. If the printer connects via the port of USB, now try to connect it with the choice of the port of USB. For Wi-Fi connected printers, you will need to watch that the printer is connected with the appropriate Wi-Fi connection. For example, take the situation that it may be the case that the printer isn’t recognizing the name of the right system.

Checkout the troubleshooter of the Printer in Windows version 10

In case you are receiving the message of error such as a Canon printer not responding on your PC, you may have the option to solve the problem just by running a troubleshooter on your computer. windows version 10 has different error troubleshooters that can solve your basic issues, and in case you are having problems with the printer, you simply have to run the troubleshooter by following the below steps of the procedure –

  • Click together Windows Key + I for opening the settings on your application.
  • Whenever the settings open, move the o the section of Update and Security.
  • Pick Troubleshoot from the left side of your menu. Choose the Printer in the correct pane, and click the button of troubleshooter.
  • Then you have to follow the directions given to you on the screen to finish the troubleshooter.
  • After the troubleshoot resolves your problem, the Canon printer problem must be solved.

You have to update the driver of the device of Canon printer

First, you need to know that your outdated drivers of printer can cause the problem of the Canon printer not responding to show up. However, you can solve the problem just by installing the most recent drivers for your Canon printer. The best and easy approach to do that is to use the Device Manager. You can update the printer drivers by following the steps of the procedure –

First, open the Device Manager on your PC. You need to do that rapidly just by pressing altogether Windows Key + X and select the Device Manager from the list displayed.

Now you have to pick the option of Search just for updating the software of drivers.

Windows will download the appropriate printer driver for your printer. In case that is not working, you need to download the most recent driver directly from the site of the manufacturer.

In any case, you would prefer not to download the printer drivers, you can use the tools.

Does your selected printer is set as the default printer?

You must check out that if the printer that isn’t responding is the default. Make a note that Windows OS version10 has a deal with your option of default printer that configures automatically the last printer you printed with. You can turn that choice on and choose your default printer.

In the first place, type the default printer into the search box of Cortana and then choose to change the default printer to open the window legitimately below.

That window includes a Windows deal with the option of default printer, which you would now be able to turn off whenever necessary.

Now you have to choose the tab of the Devices and Printers tab in Control Panel that will include a green tick for featuring the default printer that is showing you. You need to just right-click a printer that is alternative there and choose the option of Set as default printer.

Check out the compatibility of printer’s Windows version 10

Suppose you have updated to the operating system Windows version 10, check out if your own printer is good to go with the platform. Then all new printers will without any doubt be perfect with Windows version 10, yet older printers probably won’t be. You need to check out that if a printer is good to go with Windows version 10 at the producer’s site.

For instance, this Canon site page gives the printer similar features. In case, you click the Series of SELPHY on that site page, you’ll see that most models in that solutions are not going well with Windows version 10. The page of the site features that Canon isn’t giving the version of Windows 10 gadget drivers for the Series of Photo Inkjet. So search for a comparative page on your printers site.

You need to restart the services of Print Spooler

So as to print, Windows totally depends on the services of Print Spooler, yet at times some of the problems with the services that can occur. These types of problems can prompt the message of the problem the Canon printer not responding and other comparative problems. However, you need to solve such a problem just by following the steps of the procedure –

Press Windows Key + R altogether and enter the services.msc. Then just press Enter or you can also click OK.

Now whenever the windows of the Services opens, just find out and double-tap the services of Print Spooler.

When the window of Properties opens, now you need to set the Startup type to Automatic and click on the button of Start for the beginning of the services. If the services are running, click the button of Stop option, hang out for a few minutes and afterwards click on the Start button.

After doing that you only need to save the changes.

Whenever you restart these services, the problem of Canon ought to be solved and everything will begin to work once more.

A few users are prescribing to stop this type of service and afterwards remove the accounts related to it. To stop the Printer services is straightforward, and you can do it directly from the window of Services.

Make sure that your printer is appropriately designed

As per the users, the error message of the Canon printer not responding can show up if your printer isn’t designed appropriately. To solve the problem of your printer, you have to follow the below steps of the procedure –

  • Open your PC Control Panel and move to the section of Devices and Printers.
  • Then you need to find out your printer on the list, then just right-click on it and choose the properties of Printer.
  • Go to the tab of Ports. Now you need to ensure that the best possible port is selected. After doing such, click on Apply and press OK to save the changes.

After making such little changes, then you need to check out if the problem with your printer is solved.

In case, you are getting an error message of the Canon printer not responding on your PC, the problem might not be updated. Once in awhile, there may be sure glitches on your PC system, and so as to remove or delete them, you need to install the updates with the latest version.

Microsoft is every now and again releasing their new updates, and these downloads of Windows updates automatically. However, now and again you may miss an update or two, yet you need to manually install them by following the below steps fo procedures –

  • You need to open the Settings section.
  • Then check out the section of update and security.
  •  Click on the button of updates.

Windows is nowadays automatically checking for the latest updates available and download them automatically. When the updates are downloaded, you need to restart your PC to install them. After updating the version of your PC, the problem needs to be fixed on time with different steps.

Then you will have the option to get the Canon printer not responding and printing once more.

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