What to Look When Choosing Facial Recognition Technology?

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A few years ago facial recognition seemed like a sci-fi fantasy but today we can unlock our phones by scanning our faces. Isn’t that wonderful? Automated facial recognition is a method to identify or verify the identity of someone by using the unique characteristics of their face. This technology captures, analyzes, and compares patterns from the facial details of a number of people. It can be used to verify identities in pictures, videos, or real-time.

Those responsible for selecting security software should look for the following characteristics when making their facial recognition selection:


Because facial recognition programs may maintain large amounts of data, it is important that these programs have the highest security levels available. It is also important that vendors that work with these firms have appropriate security measures in place to avoid any backdoor cyber security dangers.


Enterprise facial recognition solutions have to be able to quickly scale flawlessly across hundreds (or even thousands) of locations. This means that you need to find a solution that is built to handle large deployments. The solution should also have a support team in place to handle installations, including optimizing cameras for lighting conditions and angle.


One of the biggest concerns about facial recognition technology is whether it is accurate. If it isn’t, the consequences can be dire. For example, a person may be wrongly identified as a suspect in a crime and arrested. A person may be misidentified when boarding a plan and be detained by airport security. This software has been shown to have difficulty recognizing certain people, including African Americans, ethnic minorities, women, and young people. One FBI study showed that accuracy rates for African Americans were much lower than for people in other racial or ethnic groups.

Predictive Analytics

The right set of analytics can help large enterprises prevent future crimes. First, it’s crucial for enterprises to be able to view aggregate data across multiple store locations. Face recognition analytics should help companies easily identify which times of the day and which locations are experiencing the highest number of matches so that each location can be accurately staffed up. Finally, the system should offer the ability to segment face recognition data into groups, zones, locations and other tags in order to better identify retail crime patterns.

Integration with existing technology

Existing security systems may already be in place, such as systems to scan identification cards or fingerprints when checking people into a building. Some types of facial recognition software are compatible with most security software that is available today, as well as other forms of technology. Facial recognition should not be the only line of defense, but it can effectively add to existing technology.

There are numerous facial recognition companies in the industry. Before using any technology of facial recognition keep in mind the points mentioned above and then select only from the top facial recognition companies. Make an informed choice so you and your business can actually be benefitted by this advanced and life-changing technology.