What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising? 5 Benefits of PPC in 2020

We all know that this is the era of digital technology where the use of internet technology is increasing every day. Since the internet service is easily available in every corner of the world, the need for digital marketing has risen to the top-notch.

If you are well aware of Google Ads, I am pretty sure that you have heard about PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. If not, no worries, after reading this complete article, you will have sufficient knowledge regarding the Pay Per Click advertising.

So what is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising is a service of digital marketing where an advertiser has to pay a certain amount of money to Google for every click on their Google ads. Basically, it is the process of buying the visitor. PPC is an alternative method of SEO where SEO ranks the keyword organically that requires months of time but PPC places your website on top of Google SERP within a day.

If you are impatient of waiting for your business growth and impatient to have many clients then, imply PPC advertising and gain tons of leads and conversion with a few days of interval.

Some important facts of PPC advertising:

  1. PPC Converts Higher than organic traffic
  2. More than half of people contact the advertiser who clicks on PPC ads
  3. Top paid PPC ads get 41% more clicks
  4. PPC doesn’t have to cost a fortune
  5. Negative keywords matter
  6. Higher CTR means lower CPC

Here are some benefits of PPC in 2020

  1. Provides Quick Result

Unlike SEO or other advertising methods, this PPC is the quickest form of online advertising. Advertising on Google places your ad content at the top of Google Search Engine Result Page. Google is already the richest online platform with the highest number of audience.

So, whenever your ad is displayed at the top of Google, you will have a flood of traffic and leads knocking on your door. For a piece of information, Google receives 3.5 Billion of traffic every day. People who are fed up waiting for the result of SEO change their minds and start to advertise on Google as it providesquicker results.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

As we already know, Google is the number one search engine and receives the largest number of daily traffic, and is one of the members on Google ad, your brand would be recognized by the huge audience all over the world.

So, advertising in such a huge platform also at the top of the search engine is the best form of increasing brand awareness. Your brand would be recognized all over the world by where the keyword relevant to yours is searched.

  1. Targeting Audience

Targeting the Audience might be one of the best and important features while advertising your content online. Only advertising won’t really be you’re the potential customers but advertising to the particularly interested audiences will definitely lead your conversions.

So, before advertising your content, make sure that your ads are well-targeted to some specific location and to the specific types of people to increase the number of leads and conversion which is the major reason for advertising.

  1. You only pay for clicks

You don’t have to worry while advertising on Google that it cost very high. Google provides a fair solution where you only have to pay if any visitor clicks on your ads. Else no payment is required, you will have free brand awareness. With no cost, you can stay at the top of Google SERP and gain tons of impressions.

Also, the people who click on your ads tend to convert more because you have well-targeted your Google ads and only interested people are let to view your ad. So, there is a good chance of gaining a return on investment. Your investment won’t go in vain advertising on Google search engine.

  1. No need for SEO

As I have said before that PPC is an alternative method of online advertising than SEO. So, if you choose PPC, there is no need for SEO. You don’t have to hire a group of SEO experts that cost a higher charge and also takes a long period of time. So, instead of investing your money on SEO experts, you can invest in Google as it provides a quicker result as well as generates more leads and conversion than SEO.

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After that you advertise on Google, you neither have to wait months to gain the result nor you have to hire an SEO expert to work on and pay them every month.


Hence, Pay Per Click is an important online advertising platform provided by Google that could change your business within a few couples of days. So, keep aside other platforms that you are currently using and start advertising your ads on Google.

So, when are you starting your PPC advertisement?