What Changes We Will See In The Future Smartphones In India

Smartphones are an indispensable part of day-to-day living. The top 10 mobile brands of today put our models equipped with foldable screens, in-built fingerprint senors, triple ultra-wide-angle cameras, 5G mobile connectivity, AMOLED displays, and powerful batteries. And yet, there is more that smartphones are capable of accomplishing. Here are some of the changes we can expect to see in India’s smartphones in the near future.

Augmented Reality-

Augmented reality or AR is a specific type of technology wherein a computer-generated image is superimposed over the top of your view of the real world from your mobile screen. This creates an interactive composite on your screen merging reality with computer-generated images. Examples of current AR in phones involve Google Maps, augmented reality games like Pokemon Go, and social media apps like Snapchat. In the future, AR-enabled smartphone cameras will allow you to access online data about your objects on your screen. For instance, one concept of this is that if you hover your camera over a famous art piece, your phone will tell you its history.

Pop-up Front Cameras-

Recently, smartphones have been coming out with new changes to their front cameras. Besides improving the image quality, there are structural differences like the new pop-up feature on most selfie cameras. Pop cameras are cameras built into smartphones such that they will not come out until you click on the front-facing camera button of your phone. Because they are built-in, they have much better quality than the standard hole-punch front cameras. Many of the top 10 mobile brands like Oppo, Vivo, and Asus have released models with pop up front cameras. While some front cameras pop up, others also slide up.

Graphene Batteries-

Some popular smartphone brands are rumored to be releasing their latest models with graphene batteries. The graphene used in the battery behaves like a superconductor. This means that when it is layered on top of the lithium-ion battery, it can boost its performance by up to 45%, and recharge the battery around five times faster than current batteries. Some experts go as far as to claim that graphene batteries on average will require just 30 minutes of charging. This supercharging innovation is a viable solution for the smartphones of today that are required to handle heavy tasks like video streaming, stock market investing, and so on. 

No More Ports-

While the headphone jack appears to be leaving in many models today, a complete lack of ports is expected in future phones with innovations in wireless charging. Wireless (Qi) charging is expected to become more popular with the introduction of charging pads, and Qi booster chargers. Additionally, charging time will drop considerably so one can use their phone for longer periods than ever after just a few minutes of charging it. Ports also add risk as dust, water, and other contaminants can enter and damage the device. Without the need for traditional charges, many brands are likely to launch completely port free phones.


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