Updating a company’s policies and methods of advertising and marketing with time by infusing the latest technology will lead to higher sales and better customer retention.

The game of placing one’s business in the high ranks of society has become charged up.

With automation and various kinds of technology infusions, companies are implementing their multiple functions of tech-savvy and smartly.

Extensive usage of computers, a 24*7 internet connection has made the world a tiny place.

Connectivity is the cardinal theme here and which better way to do this than making use of new-age technologies. The function of marketing for business has come a long way.

Accompanied by various digital tools, devices, and the latest social media, the marketing efforts of a company have had a big turnaround.

Earlier just a simple delivery of a product message, by word of mouth or otherwise would suffice.

But this trend has gone as the new age millennials demand more technologically updated and right in the hand’s visibility experience of product offerings.

The mobile handset generation has prompted companies to formulate specific and technologically driven advertising and marketing campaigns for better customer retention.


Mentioned below are some upcoming trends in the marketing sphere to watch out for: 


The trend is coming for a carefully orchestrated manner of designing and posting advertisements.

Programmatic advertising enables to target required type of audience sets for fast sales.

Catering to the requirement of specific audiences would mean not requiring to churn out hordes of money for advertising and promotional initiatives. Besides, gain organic traffic with the necessary amount and type of people increasing the website visits.

All advertising efforts in this front are made on a real-time basis for immediate impact with minimal time wastage.


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Gone are the days when whatever a company launched and sold becomes the rule.

With an innumerable number of companies launching similar products and heightened competition, the advent of socially engaging marketing is one the spree.

A two-way process rather than just one way as these times, customers and clients dictate the markets are required.


By making use of various types of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. a rapport and bond with the present and prospective customers are established.

It not only ensures better interaction and engagement but also leads to a high customer/client retention ratio.

People, their thoughts, and ideas about things are given cardinal importance, especially for many sectors like technology and FMCG.

Online and real-time contact with the masses will ensure that the brand appeal of the company gets buildup along with its better reputation and visibility amongst its peers.

Various channels of social media assist are floating very innovative and highly engaging advertisements and other promotional materials at targeted audiences at different time intervals for speed sales and revenue generation.

Some companies might face some cash crunch, and not much may be available in budgets for extensive marketing and promotions.


And to solve this gap problem, doorstep loans for bad credit businesses can be availed by the company.


Lent through the digital medium, just some clicks on the website of the loan company will ensure that the whole process of its availing gets completed right at the residence of the borrowers.


These instalment loans for bad credit are affordable, even to accommodate people with bad credit histories and to have no collaterals.




Videos render small, crisp, and accurate delivery of a message to gain the attention of people in a short period.


Making unique videos with high pixel imagery and colour themes will enable a company to gain better credibility and acceptance.


Various popular broadcasting channels float different videos in their platform for masses to see and gain some ideas on the subject.


Not only about the higher number of website and video views but also it’s quick sharing in various android phones ensures that it has become popular and viral.

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In this going live videos are enabled of real-time dissemination of information in various kinds, like for conducting interviews, new product launches, its demonstrations as well as for making any announcements.


It enables real-time engagement with the masses as well as communication of details of the product/service offerings nicely.


Additionally, companies are also gaining the services of search engine optimization (SEO) for video marketing to gain momentum and better market traction.


Updating the videos or designing new videos in consonance with the latest trends and music appealing to the youth will lead to its better views and website conversions.