Tooltips: 4 Online Tools for Infographics

Infographics are a great help to give your words more emphasis in written presentations.

Whether you want to visualize data, clearly present complex correlations or offer summaries at a glance, an infographic can help you to illustrate precisely what you would otherwise have used with a picture. And there are numerous online tools for infographics on the Internet.

There are a lot of offers online that want to help you create your own infographic. We have picked out 5 online tools from this wealth and tested them for you. Our tool-tips for infographics introduce for you.

4 online tools for making infographics


The selection of designs is extensive. The processing options are diverse. With DesignCap, your infographics and graphs can look very pretty and individual. The service allows you to export your data from XLS, XLSX and CSV. So it would be a great help to use your own data though it doesn’t connect the data stock. By the way, it adds a map that supports adding different regions and countries of the world, and showing the distribution of data in the map. It has 3 packages included a free plan.


It is not an arbitrary choice to just put the Piktochart at the beginning of this list: Because Piktochart is extremely popular and well known. A renowned online tool like this one is not chosen by many users by chance but has earned its popularity with ease of use and attractive results.

However, it can be a disadvantage if you use the same templates and templates as the numerous other fans of the provider – your graphics may lose their individuality.

You can use the service free of charge in the basic version, for a monthly fee in the premium version you have significantly more templates available.

It is also available in a free basic version and several premium versions that are subject to a fee. Those who use the service free of charge are not allowed to download their infographic, but can only embed it online. At the same time, the infographic is published on this tool. And causes a potentially useful scattering effect because other users can also include and distribute your graphic. If your infographic is provided with your company data, this can be a helpful advertising measure for you.

And again free basic version, more features for paying premium users. This platform also offers an analysis tool that can be very attractive if infographics are created not as an end in themselves but as part of a campaign. The service enables your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to be checked for the success of your activities, in which you have included your infographic.