Tips to maintain your car in pristine condition

If you had a car during your childhood days a strong possibility exists that someone in your family would have taken care of your car. But now if you have your own car it becomes your responsibility and frequent trips to the car service in Bangalore are going to emerge. It could turn out to time consuming and an expensive task but in the long run it might save a lot of money on the route. Take note of the fact your car would not magically maintain itself and there are some handy tips to follow

Clean windshield

A hazard and unclean windshield works out to be a major safety hazard since it goes on to obstruct the road view. So make sure that you provide it with regular cleaning. It is necessary for you to be using the sponge part and more so after an extended drive on the highway. If the head lights are dirty you can give them a squeeze as well.

Checking out the tire pressure

If you maintain the proper pressure of your tire it is going to make safe and a little dough. There is no point to hold the tires with the correct pressure. Even it is going to increase the possibility of a blow -out. In addition a correct pressure is going to have a longer life and enhance  the fuel efficiency.

It is something that you have to keep a watch upon as the tire pressure is something that changes constantly. Hence you have to check it regularly and get it added. A car repair online Bangalore goes on to check the pressure of the tire at periodic intervals of time. When it comes to the accurate tire pressure do check out when it is cold. Even check out the tire pressure when it comes to the needs of your car Make sure that the tires are filled on to the recommended level. Finally you need to fill it as and when needed.

The oil level is to be checked and then top off as and when needed

For the optimum performance of the car it is important that the motor oil has to be precise. It ensures that all the moving parts move on so that it does not set the tone for any malfunctioning. So as to ensure that the car is functioning properly make sure that you check the oil regularly. Even to check out the oil of your car is an easy task. Just you are going to need proper lighting a paper towel that is clean and around valuable 3 minutes of yours. Further you need to wait for the job to be over for 5 minutes after you have gone on to switch off the engine of your car.

Most cars in the market might end up consuming oil between their changes. In addition some of the cars might end up losing oil due to leakages or any form of changes that might occur.