Tips To Enhance The Vehicle Life And Performance

It is an ecstatic feeling to buy a car, be it a second-hand or brand-new model or car. In the first portion of lifespan, high performance is shown by the new cars. But, the second-hand cars need to be serviced a bit to show good performance. Regular maintenance is the best way to show affection to your car. Your style of driving is another factor. You must opt for car service Colindale. It involves getting the vehicle checked and repaired by professionals.

Regular car servicing is the best way of reducing vehicle damages. You must not depend on the short-term service as they prove to be costly later on. The benefits of such treatment are as follows:

Good Fuel Economy & High Performance

The performance of your car may deteriorate if a car is not taken care of at regular intervals. This is due to the wearing and tearing suffered by a car. Due to extensive use, the dust gets accumulated on consumables and some parts like plastic or rubber may get worn. The car parts and consumables must be replaced or repaired as soon as they expire and this is ensured by regular maintenance. Increased fuel economy and performance are facilitated by this.

No Reduction in Car’s Mileage with Age

You must replace the air filter of the engine at regular intervals. A huge amount of mileage loss may occur as a result of a dirty filter. The filter can be cleaned or changed on its own too. You can do the cleaning by dusting it off simply.


Your vehicle is responsible for keeping you safe. It protects you on the road. But a poorly maintained car doesn’t operate healthily. The tyres can get punctured anytime, which can be highly risky. You are advised to stick to the regular car servicing schedule for safer rides.

Extended Vehicle Durability

The schedule of car maintenance is focused on by every car manufacturer. With this maintenance, you need to stay and try being synced. It is also crucial to note that certified professionals must do the maintenance servicing. You must prefer the authorized service center or an ideal workshop to get it serviced. However, you can service the car after the expiry of the warranty if you trust another certified professional.

A Car Servicing And An Mot Differ From Each Other

Car service and an MOT have numerous differences between them.

The first difference is that driving on the public roads of the UK needs legal permission and that permission is the MOT certificate.

Apart from this, the checks done during an MOT Edgware are very different from the inspections done during a car servicing. This is also a fact that regular car servicing can be useful for you to pass the MOT test.

For confirming whether your vehicle is roadworthy and safe or not, you need to carry out an MOT primarily. But, car servicing is done to make your car roadworthy and safe so that you can pass the MOT test.

Safety is the main purpose of an MOT. But an MOT is based on the government set basic standards of safety. The checks don’t include some essential analysis like the pipes and fluid checking.

Thus, if you own a vehicle, you need to maintain it in its top condition with regular servicing at car diagnostics. At the same time, you also need to qualify for the MOT test to drive legally on the roads.