The Warning Signs and Benefits of Wheel Alignment

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It’s a term you often get to hear at an auto garage, but what it is all about and what are its advantages? In simple terms, wheel alignment is the process of ensuring all four of your car wheels and tyres are rotating in the same direction. Over time, your vehicle tyres can get out of alignment and impact the handling and driving performance. Its goal is to re-optimize the angles of your tyres to each other and the ground. When the wheels are misaligned, it adds more stress to the essential vehicle components, like your suspension. It also affects the gas mileage and increases tyre wear.

Types of Wheel Alignment

An ASE-certified technician will know the ideal alignment required for your make, model, vehicle year. Typically, there are three types of wheel alignment:- camber, caster and toe.

Signs Your Car Requires Wheel Alignment

Although a professional inspection is required to confirm if your car tyres are misaligned, some tell-tale signs that indicate your car needs Hunter Wheel Alignment Croydon are as follows:-

Steering Wheel is Off-Centre – A crooked steering wheel is a sign of a misaligned car. Your steering wheel should always be in a dead centre. When you drive down a straight road, find out whether your steering wheel is aligned. An easy way to determine this is by checking if the logo is in the centre.

Car Drifts to the Right or Left – One of the common signs of wheel misalignment is when your car pulls in a particular direction when driving. It’s normal for a vehicle to pull slightly to either side of the road. However, if you notice you are constantly steering for keeping the four-wheeler straight – it’s likely an alignment problem.

Vibrations in the Steering – When you accelerate, your car or steering wheel should not vibrate to the point you feel it in your hands. If your vehicle shakes while driving, it indicates several problems.

Excessive and Uneven Tyre Wear – Tyre wear indicates various car issues. It should be evenly spread on the outside and inside. Using your eyes or a professional, you can identify irregular tyre wear. Uneven tyre wear can also indicate different vehicle issues, one of them being wheel alignment.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Listed below are some of the advantages of having regular wheel alignment:-

Increased Fuel Efficiency – When your vehicle’s tyres are aligned, the tyres will drag, resulting in reduced gas mileage. If your car Tyres Croydon aren’t aligned correctly, you’ll be spending more money on fuel.

Improved Steering – If your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, it becomes harder for the driver to steer. You may be veering the steering wheel from side to side or holding it in a different position when driving straight. This lack of control leads to a potential road accident. A correct wheel alignment will help you steer clear of those issues and maintain stability.

Smoother Ride – Is your car drifting from one side to another? It’s a sign your wheels are out of alignment. Proper wheel alignment provides a smoother ride and a comfortable driving experience.

Longer-Lasting Tyres – Regular wheel alignment usually, after every 6,000 miles, increases the lifespan of your tyres and ensures safety while driving.

Better Vehicle Safety – Properly maintaining the vehicle helps it operate better on the road. It also prevents you from unexpected car problems, ensuring high levels of safety and performance. So, you must not put off getting your car’s wheel aligned until it’s too late.

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