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There exists an extensive range of tyres right now which can make choosing the correct tyres for your ride more confusing. Different types of tyres are made for different kinds of vehicles. Tyres are also differentiated based on seasonal change i.e. Summer and Winter tyres.

Know your Tyres

Based on seasonal change and usage Tyres can be categorised as-

Summer tyres- Summer Tyres Coventry, also known as standard or regular tyres. They are specifically designed to give you a higher car performance level, a shorter braking system, and higher stability. They contain a soft rubber compound and have tread patterns that offer resistance against aquaplaning.

Winters tyres- they are designed with numerous pikes and grooves that offer more friction and grip on snowy and wet roads. They have a higher rubber content which keeps them flexible as the temperature changes.

All season tyres- They are made with a combination of both summer and winter tyre technology to give a suitable performance in all seasons, however, they are not as optimised for a specific season as the summer and winter tyres.

Why should I use summer tyres?

When choosing the kind of tyre you need, one needs to take into account the seasonal change of where they live, their driving style, and their car performance as well.

Summer tyres give you enhanced all-around performance in the warmer months. They are designed in such a way that the hard rubber compound of the tyres softens as the temperature rises to provide you with better grip and stability as you drive. Due to this reason, they are also able to adapt to dry as well as wet roads and surfaces.

Even though they might give you a subpar performance as the temperature drops, summer tyres are optimised to give you a good driving experience even in wet conditions as the tread pattern designed for them helps to evacuate water and also reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

The warmer temperature brings out the best performance for these tyres as they are built for speed and agility. The soft rubber compound gives the tyres greater contact with the road which allows for better car handling and grip.

Benefits of Summer Tyres-

The benefits you have while driving with summer tyres.

  • Higher speed and performance
  • Enhanced resistance to aquaplaning
  • Responsive steering and car control
  • Reduction in braking distance
  • A lower noise uproar 
  • Superior grip
  • Greater driving precision resulting in higher safety

Can you use summer tyre all year round?

The basic and foremost answer to that question is, no. Even if they are known as standard or regular tyres, one cannot simply use them as the temperature starts to drop. It is dangerous to use them in colder weather and you may also risk damaging your tyres in such a way. All in all, it may depend on your local weather conditions. If the weather is dry and just mildly cold you may get by using summer tyres. Simply stating, using them all year round may give you diminishing results.

How do I choose summer tyres?

Choosing the right kind of tyres for your ride is not as simple as just randomly buying a set and mounting it on your car. Various factors must go into making that important decision as you wouldn’t want anything ruining your driving experience. While deciding what to buy- your driving style, the climate you live in, your performance needs. And of course your budget and the type of car you ride comes into consideration. To make things easier for you we’ve compiled a list of factors one needs to check when buying summer tyres for the season.

Things to consider when buying summer tyres-

Tread Patterns- summer tyres have specific tread patterns designed to give you superior grip and handling when driving. Low tread depth and a lesser number of grooves are your indications for good quality summer tyres. Different types of tread patterns are designed for different types of weather conditions.

Size- for size, it is highly recommended that one refers to the size mentioned by the manufacturer of your vehicle. You want to make sure that the tyres you buy are a perfect fit for your ride.

Wet traction on road- selecting summer tyres with superior traction and enhanced grip for driving on wet roads and surfaces is a must.

Speed index- it is once again recommended to refer to the speed index mentioned by the manufacturer of your vehicle, as the recommended speed index of your Car Tyres Coventry depends highly on the type of car you drive.

Summer tyres are an important necessity as well as an investment and we understand that. You can head right over to Star Performance Tyres or reach out to us. Where we can help you with all your needs and make sure you get the best service and equipment for your vehicle.