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We are a team of Professional BloggersBllogg is a platform where you can read more informative articles of multiple categories. Our focus is to provide quality / useful information to our readers which can be helpful for them. 


We are offering an opportunity to Guest Bloggers who are looking for high authority sites for posting their articles. So, if you have new ideas and want to share with us. You’re welcome to share your post with us here. 


Guidelines for Guest Post Submission | Write for us


1.    Title of the post should be significant

2.    Article comprises the content that title specifies it well.

3.    Titles should not be simple or nonspecific, for example: “Incredible Mango Trade.” We recommend using part of a quote, presenting a question or including a statistic.

4.    The body of the article should according to the guidelines and be Readers Friendly. It means breaking up paragraphs into smaller pieces, using subheadings and avoiding overly-technical language when possible.

5.    At the end, reveal any conflicts of interest you may have with the content or topic of the article.


Restricted Points for Guest Post Submission


Bllogg will reject any guest post that:

§  Plagiarism or fail to sufficiently quote sources.

§  Using the site which has more than 1% spam score.

§  Have frequent spelling or grammar mistakes.

§  Are, or seem, non-generic / computer generated.

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