Steel Swings Vs Wooden Swings: Which One To Go For?

steel swing units

Who does not love swings? Each child has some form of memory linked with swings, whether playing with friends in the park or the backyard. Swings have been there for a long time, but if you wish to install a set in your backyard, it is natural to be confused. Should you go for steel swings or wooden ones, swing buyers are most confused about.  

Both steel and wood come with their own sets of benefits, features, providing enjoyment to kids. Below find a detailed guide on steel swings vs wooden swings based on the most notable differentiating factors.

Which One Is More Durable?

For the durability factor, it all comes down to the quality of the frame you are using. If using a wooden frame, it will last for a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 30 years. Again, temperature and weather play a great deal in terms of wooden swings and steel swing units. Steel swings can last for approximately 15 years if it is galvanised steel.

When made from softwood, Wooden frames will not last long, especially if a water-resistant coat is not applied. For wood swings, you can opt for redwood and also cedar. Cheap metals can easily get corroded; they can easily break and get deformed; therefore, when investing in swings, never compromise on the quality.

Safety For Your Child Should Be Your Priority

When it comes to your child’s safety, certain safety standards should be maintained, ensuring the swings are engineered, keeping in mind child safety. For safety and security, the quality of the material and the design plays a crucial factor. Both steel swings and wood come with great qualities that are used in multiple ways.

Certify that the structure used is safe for climbing, and is it coated using child-safe paint? You will come across several options when it comes to swing sets; make sure they are age-appropriate. Look for swing sets keeping in mind your child’s capacity to improvise on their dexterity alongside strength.

What About Maintenance?

Wooden swing units can last longer, but they surely come with more work in maintenance to help them function for long. When investing in wooden swings, it is important to figure out how you will be doing the staining and the sealing. If enough care is not provided, wooden swings rot faster and become the focal point of wasps alongside termites.

Steel swing units require maintenance too, but less when compared to their wooden counterparts. What you have to focus on for your steel swing sets would be keeping them rust-free. Investing in galvanised steel swings are better than normal metal ones painted with a safety coat.

Be Aware Of Price Point And Installation

With wooden frames, installation can get difficult as they are quite heavy. If it is a simple backyard project for your child, opt for a metal frame as they are quite easy to install. Improper installation of wooden swings can result in injuries. Most swing sets now come with assembling guidance or manual for easy installation.

In terms of pricing, metal frames always cost less than wooden ones. Always ensure that you are purchasing a quality one from a reputable swing manufacturer or dealer. If you want it within budget, metal swings are your best option.

You can easily customise both wooden swings and steel swings. However, most metal sets are sold in a pre-designed format containing a manual that helps you set it up independently. For many, playsets aesthetics matter too and, for both metal and steel, you get limitless designs and can choose from a variety of colours. Work with your local swing frame and set designer to help you choose the right swing material and assist with installation.