Safe & Effective Filtration Glove Boxes – Choosing the Best One!

Want a configured open loop airflow system that safely and effectively controls particulates in your laboratory? Choose the best filtration glove boxes mentioned in this guide.

There are two types of filtered glove boxes. They are as follows –

  1. Laboratory Filtered Glove Boxes

If there is anything that safely and effectively controls the particulates in your lab, then it is the Cleatech 2300 Series Containment Glove Boxes which are configured as an open-loop airflow system. In filtration glove boxes, a glove box is required to control the particulate with HEPA or ULPA filters, which captures the particulates.

It contains a protect operator, in which the filtered glove box is negatively pressured which contains particulates inside the chamber. And through this ambient room atmosphere is drawn through this open exhaust loop glove boxes.

The particulates which can be captured by filters are fine pharmaceutical powders, aerosols, microbial contaminants. Then the contaminants are removed from the exhaust gas through HEPA/ULPA which draws exhaust particles through a filter which in turn makes it safe for indoor release.

To protect samples against airborne particles, alternatively, 2300 open loop glove boxes can be factory configured to create positive pressure. There are particulates everywhere that can easily contaminate even very clean and sterile samples, so filtration glove boxes are designed especially which isolates sterile objects or samples inside against the outside particulates.

As; the gases move freely through any particulate filter, so filtered glove boxes cannot maintain a pure gas atmosphere. So, it is advisable to use the isolation glove boxes for any applications, as filtered glove boxes are not a good choice to control humidity and oxygen level. For general purpose processing, the best is clear acrylic glove boxes. As there are cleaning agents present, non-dissipative acrylic could be damaged by some cleaning agents present. Keeping the dry box clean static charges are eliminated by chemical Grade Clear Static-Dissipative Acrylic, plus it has a powerful chemical resistance and doesn’t attract particles from the air.

If for the operation there is the usage of many corrosive chemicals and alcohol then it is recommended that you choose a clear PVC glove box, which will be a good economical choice. The best chemical resistant plastic glove boxes are Polypropylene and recommended for the application involved with Acetone and acids.

2) Closed-Loop Filtration Glove Boxes

With a combination of isolation glove boxes 2100 series with HEPA filtered glove boxes 2300 series, comes the 2400 series filtration glove boxes. The best part about these boxes is that it delivers a low humidity environment with a clean, particulate controlled workspace. It is mainly for critical processing operations in the fields of semiconductor & pharmaceutical industries and nanotechnology.

Closed-loop glove boxes can be configured, as in 2300 series of filtration glove boxes. It is in the form of negative pressure which protects the user from dangerous airborne particulates and powders. Also, there is positive pressure which protects the samples against airborne particles.  Glove boxes come in four materials – Acrylic, Static-dissipative PVC, Non-dissipative PVC, and Polypropylene.

Ready to Use Glove Boxes with Clean Environment –  

Now that you know that there are 2 types of filtration glove boxes, you can choose either one and ensure that the particulates get controlled properly.

There are many good companies which offer all kinds of filtration glove boxes which you need to make your operation successful and protecting the samples against airborne particles. You can be provided with high-quality filtration glove boxes which will make your operations clean. Whatever experiment you are performing, it is very important that you use the filtration glove boxes which are hygienic and also offer a surrounding in which the particulates get controlled easily. Now that you know about the different kinds of glove boxes for filtration, you can easily choose any one mentioned above. Plus, the filters also which are provided in these boxes are clean and hygienic and offers the capturing of the particulates in its original form. There will be no mixture from outside which will interfere with or change the particulates’ original form also.

Safe Glove Boxes for Various Industries –

These glove boxes can be used in the operation process which is done by various industries such as semi-conductor, pharma industries, and also it can be used in the field of nanotechnology. These boxes are very clean and hygienic. So, you do not have to worry about these boxes getting polluted in any way. Plus, they are completely safe for use. In case, if additional equipment’s like stove is required then even that can be provided. There are many good companies which offer both. Plus, the rates of the glove boxes are also flexible. You can also search online for these boxes.