Rental Generator Gives You A Convenient Way To Use A Generator

EO Energy one of the popular names in the field of the Generator and for Rental Generator. Our highly recommended Rental Generator comes with many unique features. But low noise pollution is one of the best features of silent diesel generators and rather than a Rental Generator gives you a convenient way to use generator anywhere  

Rental Generator Technical Specifications:

By presenting a comprehensive range of Rental Generator Sets, we have gathered a huge customer base in this domain. The generation array generated is created using state-of-the-art metal alloy and the latest techniques. In addition, our generation array given is manufactured in compliance with industry standards and quality standards. The generation array provided is tested on different quality metrics in order to provide customers with a better range. In fact, consumers will take advantage of our generation array at cost-effective rates.


  • Large fuel tank
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to maintain

Rental Generator varying from 3.5 to 5 kVA

Get quick, automatic energy with generators to meet rigorous testing standards for homes and small businesses. This is a high-quality mobile power that goes wherever you need it. generators are certified for emissions, are ready to install and are designed to work.

Special features of 3.5 – 5 kVA Rental Generator:

  1. Built, air-cooled diesel engine with higher efficiency and working output
  2. Integral vibration isolation reduces the need for vibration spring isolators under the system
  3. 3 Manual crank intervals Advanced Digital Controller (ADC)
  4. Features of the alternator:
  • Alternator meets the standards of India and globally
  • IP23 building self-ventilated and drip-proof
  • Superior 2/3 pitch wrapped stator voltage waveform
  • Sustained short-circuit frequency of close to 300% of the current growth rate for up to 20 seconds
  1. Silencer inside the canopy

The Advantage Portable Diesel Genset:

  • One-stop approach for the machine and components generation
  • Produced in India with worldwide experience
  • Rental Generator set
  • The model is compact and easy to manage
  • Max winding offers excellent ability to start the motor
  • Flexible and innovative design approaches to meet the needs of the client
  • Rapid reaction time
  • One-year or 2000 hours in compliance with normal contract terminology from the start date

EO Energy is the most popular brand name in the field of a Rental Generator. We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of the portable Genset in various fuels type. Here you can find all kinds of Rental Generators like portable home generator, inverter generator, and home standby generator.

This Rental Generator is present in the range between 8 kVa to 30 kVa, to fulfill home electricity or small business electricity appliances requirement. We also deal with all available brands of Rental Generators.

Our best quality tested Rental Generators are highly demanding in the market, because of its high performance. We also check our products in every parameter to ensure its quality as per the world-class guideline. We offer all categories of Rental Generators at market leading prices.

Product Description

  • features
  • User-friendly- easy to operate
  • Integrated & unique generator controller
  • Remote start functionality
  •  Integrated Engine and Alternator Parameter
  • Display Parameter 
  • Indicator for low engine oil pressure
  • Indicator for high temperature 
  • Emergency stop 
  • Battery voltage
  • Total working hours of generator
  • Fault Display 
  • Audiovisual warning for
  • Low oil pressure
  • High coolant temperature
  • Fault LED
  • Over/Under speed 
  • Alternator Specification
  • NSM/Crompton/Equivalent Alternator
  • Single bearing
  • Revolving field
  • Control  Panel

Our generator control panel is made with CRCA sheet and that will provide

  • Short circuit protection MCB with a suitable rating
  • Start button on the controller
  • Conductor with a copper cable between the control panel and Alternator
  • Advantage

There are numbers of the advantage of EO Energy generator, few of them are following

  • The low maintenance cost of generator engine
  • High HP engine for better work reliability
  • All generator spare parts easily available
  • High block load capability
  • 1 year extended warranty
  • Great in design 
  • Easy in maintenance, better cooling, and easy accessibility
  • Residential type silencer in silent Genset  
  • Acoustic Enclosure

Powder covered Weather confirmation Canopy. Engine alternator gathering mounted on AVM with Silencer and S.S fumes cry reasonably streamlined to satisfy stringent sound outflow guidelines as per standard guideline of MOEF/CPCB

  • External sub-base tank
  • Leads and terminals connected 12 V dry batteries.