Basically, OHE is an important process where trains collect electricity through the overhead line. Trains collect electrical power from overhead lines using some devices such as pantographs, bow collectors or trolley poles. In this operation, the OHE cable is connected to the electric line and this process helps to reduce and increase the speed in the train. This operation is performed without the intervention of the onboard movers. Nowadays, many reliable road rail vehicle manufacturers manufacture OHE trucks to get a long-lasting OHE solution. These OHE vehicles are usually used to build a new OHE line or when electric rail lines wires are torn down. You will have to search many times online to get the OHE vehicle that is short, light and long-lasting designed and well produced.

Some facilities of an OHE railroad vehicle:

  • A hydraulically operated electrically controlled scissor lift that is extremely efficient with heavy loads and hydraulic power provides much higher lifting power.
  • A simple and inexpensive platform with detachable safety railings provides quick safety facilities during employee’s work. This is the highest quality railings, made with heavy-duty powder-coated or galvanized finish that ensures extra protection. You can also get a custom color.
  • Pal finger crane help to load and unload trucks and other vehicles. For an OHE project, it is used for mast erection, clamping, dropper, feeder & other fitment attachment.
  • A well-developed swivel platform for 360-degree outreach.
  • Cable drum holder used for carrying electrical wires.
  • Pantograph that used for the current collector. In the OHE, a single or double wire is used for a return current running process through the rails. Pantographs with overhead wires are the dominant form of the current collection of modern electric trains, as they allow for higher voltage adoption.
  • Proper road rail vehicle manufacturers provide a Pal finger man basket for additional comfort and protection to OHE personnel at higher levels, including space.
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Indian road rail vehicle manufacturers produce OHE vehicles with some other amazing facilities to get a pollution-free environment for travellers, such as heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders, six rail wheels, high torque hydraulic motors, pneumatic brakes with fail-safe, chain-driven for easy and affordable maintenance, wired/wireless remote for all operations. Are you looking for the best OHE vehicle to execute the railroad project with no complications? Now, you can order OHE through an authentic site like Premnath Rail, where you can book a demo before ordering an overhead electrification vehicle.

For a perfect OHE project, you will need quite a few OHE systems that include mass/poles, cantilevers, clamps, droppers, catenary wire, spring droppers, insulators, contact wire, hinge, and assembly brackets such as drop bracket, telescopic stay arm and mast fittings, etc. Indian road rail vehicle manufacturers build an affordable OHE vehicle that can easily carry the important OHE equipment from one place to another.

Some Fruitful Advantages of OHE Railroad Vehicle:

  • Low noise pollution.
  • Faster acceleration facility.
  • Freedom from the cost of fluctuating fuel prices.
  • Help to reduce environmental pollution, especially in highly populated urban areas.

Hopefully, in this article, you will find all the facts about overhead electrification (OHE) which will help you with Railroad Construction-related work.