Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Crush

Now that New Year’s onto us, couples are already getting ready to plan on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It might be in the next month, but it still is a momentous event. If you’re still stuck on the question of ‘what present or gift to give your significant other on this Valentine’s Day?’ this list is perfect for you. Read along to find out more about it.

1) Signature Chocolate Truffles Gift Box

A chocolate truffle is nothing but a type of chocolate – typically in a spherical or conical shape, made with chocolate-coated around chocolate ganache, and topped with chopped toasted nuts. It is a classic treat or dessert to have; you can never go wrong with a big box of 12 or 24 delicious pieces of chocolate truffles. Pair it with some complimentary drink, such as a bottle of Pinot, and you’re all set! As chocolate is something girls especially love, this will be the best Valentine day gift for her, i.e. your crush.

2) Handwriting Bracelet

Typing I love you to someone might be romantic, but writing this declaration of love in your own handwriting is much more loving and affectionate. And what if you could convert this handwriting into a bracelet? Yes, that’s right. Gift this to your bae, and she will surely think it to be the best Valentine’s Day Gifts for wife.

3) Blooming Roses Flower Arrangements

Roses are the classic flowers to express your love and affection. Yellow, white, pink, red, even black – every color denotes some meaning or the other. But giving just one bloom is just plain absurd, especially when you can give a whole bouquet, or better yet, a whole frigging flower arrangement. You can get roses delivery right at your home, so that you can put together a cute little flower arrangement for your girl, for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

4) Heart-Shaped Bamboo

Giving a normal bamboo tree to anyone is a common occurrence – but giving this cute little heart-shaped bamboo tree is most loving and fortunate. The present is three-fold – first being the obvious gift that it will pose for your significant other, second being that because of its rarity, it’s going to be the perfect gift, and thirdly, since bamboo tree is believed to be the harbinger of good fortune, it will make your relationship even more blooming and promising. A natural way to tell your partner that you ‘heart’ them, doesn’t it?

5) Kissing Mug

Gone are the days when you used to give each other cute mugs – now is the time to give each other kissing mugs. These mugs fit each other like jigsaw puzzles, quite literally. The mugs resemble 2 lovers’ faces when fitted looks as if they are kissing. It is quite a charming way of saying I love you with the help of ‘tea for two’. This idea for valentine gift is applicable to both the individuals – to him as well as her. You can enjoy any of your beverages in it; the mugs will give it a romantic touch.

6) Romantic Teddy Bear

Teddy Bears become the cutest present on Valentine’s Day ever. You can, for sure, send romantic stuffed animals to your significant other. Teddy Bears are of many types, shapes, sizes, and colors – get that one that your partner (especially girl) would love to own. Huge teddies for girls, and cute, pocket-sized teddies for boys – now we are talking! If not teddy bears, you can get each other any other kind of soft toys and stuffed animals; there are so many options!

7) Infinity Mirror Heart Lamp

This is seriously a good gift to give on Valentine’s Day – and also a surprising addition as one of the valentine gifts for him. This Heart Lamp is not just a lamp, but also a mirror when the lights are turned off. It poses to be white an unconventional and yet quirky present, the optical illusion being an added bonus to this. It can be hung easily and can make your photos even more beautiful and bright!

These gifts are very Valentine-worthy, as you can see. Now, there is mostly mention of ‘her’, but you can always give these gifts to ‘him’ as well. Don’t forget to wish them love and happiness in words as well!