Medicare to require new Medicare ID in lieu of Social Security number for Medicare Health claims

About a year ago CMS began mailing your new Medicare ID card with a unique identifying number.Due to increasing cyber intrusions in the health care records on many websites, Social Security numbers were increasingly being compromised.  The new ID number has a different format making it more difficult to crack using decryption algorithms.  Beginning January 01, 2019 health providers must use this number or your CMS claim will be REJECTED .

Depending on your age your current SS card will look like this

Your new Medicare ID card looks like this

Comparison of current card v. new card

Do not discard your current Social Security Card.  It will still be required for tax filing and all other financial documents, including IRS and state tax returns.  Other non-health related businesses, banks, credit cards, visas, passports, green cards, immigration forms, and many other applications, for employment, driver’s license applications, social security benefits, veterans benefits, and many other things.

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