How To Get Rid Of QuickBooks ErrorsC=1304?

QuickBooks users may additionally get various errors even as working on the software program. QuickBooks errors C=1304 are one of those Error codes that typically take vicinity even as updating QuickBooks or repairing the installation of QuickBooks. This Error can get up by means of trouble with the CD or the CD force or through the broken. Internet factor.

We’re here to explain the error c=1304 QuickBooks and provide an explanation for the causes of this Error. You’ll also get the solutions to remedy the identical errors manually via this blog. In case you get stuck at any step while making use of the solutions, then you could get in touch with QuickBooks ProAdvisor. They’ll let you cope with every problem associated with QuickBooks.

Now, earlier than fixing QuickBooks error code c1304, you want to test out what reasons the Error c1304 Errorswriting to file QuickBooks.

What Are The Different Causes Of Quickbooks Errors C=1304?

  • If there’s any problem with the CD drive, then you could face the Error c 1304 QuickBooks.
  • Due to the harm inside the CD force, the error may additionally take region.
  • When the Microsoft.Net component is broken.

Techniques to remove QuickBooks errors in 1304

With a view to cope with QuickBooks error code 1304, you could follow the subsequent methods respectively. One of the following techniques will assist you in resolving equal Errors:


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Approach 1: Replica The Setup Software & Folder To The Computer’s Hard Force

  • You first want to insert the CD into the CD drive. If the method of the installation starts offevolved mechanically, then select ‘quit’.
  • Select the home windows start button and then click on Explorer.
  • You need to make a new folder in the desired region earlier than copying the contents.
  • Now, you need to feature ‘QuickBooks’ as the name of the folder.
  • Right-click at the CD and choose ‘discover’.
  • Region QuickBooks and the setup.Exe record.
  • Choose the record and the folder by pressing the Ctrl key.
  • Right-click on any of the folders and choose copy.
  • Open the previously created folder and proper-click on it.
  • Choose Paste.

Approach 2: Use The Copied Folder To Install Quickbooks

Underneath this technique, you need to put in QuickBooks via the copied folder that has been copied to the tough force. To accomplish that, observe the steps written under:


  • To begin with, release the QuickBooks folder which includes the copied report.
  • To start the setup system, double-tap at the setup.Exe report.
  • After that, you require to follow the instructions that have been displayed on your display.

Approach 3: Scan The Computer With Reimage Restore Tool

You can effortlessly download and deploy the Reimage to restore the device and use it to experiment and restore the laptop. It may also be used to address QuickBooks errors code C=1304. The following is a list of steps to help you with scanning your computer system.

  • First of all, you want to download the Reimage restore tool and shop it at the computing device.
  • You need to open the document place and double-faucet on it. After that, deploy it by way of accepting all the required permission to it.
  • After that, this will routinely begin a preliminary experiment to discover the issues on your laptop.
  • As soon as the scanning procedure is completed, the restore tool will help you in suggesting the regions in which the pc desires development.
  • Sooner or later, restart the pc and test whether or not the Error c=1304 QuickBooks has been resolved or now not.


You may without a doubt restore “QuickBooks ErrorsC=1304” after following those aforementioned answers and could be able to retain your work on QuickBooks. With a bit of luck, you have got carried out all the answers one after every other to repair the Error 1304. In case, you’re unable to perform the approach on your very own or get stuck at any step, then you may take the help of QuickBooks support specialists.

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