How to Engage Your Audience with a Business Presentation

When you launch a product, you need to work on TV commercials, social media advertisements, and presentation at a large scale. You will choose a method of promotion based on the business strategy and the product type that you are about to launch.

Whether you have a small company or working at a grand level, you will have to meet various people to convince them to invest in your product or service. However, it only happens when you skilfully present all features; mention how they can benefit from this, and how it is different from other products available on the market.

When you give a presentation, this is the time when your audience forms an impression of you. The first impression is the last impression, and hence, you must set your mind to it. Your audience does not have enough time to listen to you and therefore you have to perform as good as you can within a limited time.

If you want your audience to know about your upcoming product or service, you have to make sure that your presentation has the potential to hook them. Otherwise, you will lose them, struggling permanently to have enough demand for it. Here is what you need to do.

Take the audience by surprise

The presentation should begin with a fact that can surprise your audience. For instance, £2 million we lose every year because of under-utilised candidates. Another example is thousands of start-ups take out 12 month loans for bad credit people to invest in capital raising projects but end up losing three times more than the expected returns due to poor decisions.

Such statements force the audience to listen to you and tease the strings of their curiosity. They want to know more and to get engaged.

Do not make it a monologue

Even though your presentation is not long enough, the audience will likely take it casually. They must be sitting with thousands of works in their mind. While a lot of distractions surround them, it seems arduous to pay attention to your speech.

The best way to break their monotony is to ask rhetoric questions. For instance, how many of you have ever done this? What will you do if this happens? What will you do, otherwise? It improves interaction and reduces monotony. Your audience will patiently listen to you, and it will make the purpose of your presentation more precise and fruitful.

Tell a story to create interest

Though you aim to promote your product or service, you will need to introduce real experiences to relate your speech with them to convince them to invest in your product. An engaging story makes your presentation compelling. Stories not only encourage the audience to be all ears but also make them understand how your product can help them.

For instance, suppose you launched software to track work performance of employees, you would tell them how companies had suffered to date and how this software could help them focus on core activities without always chasing your employees.

The opening can be like this-

I met a client a month ago to discuss the problems he suffers from while tracking the performance of employees. As he had a start-up, he did not want to invest in expensive software, and when I asked him about it, he poured out his frustration at one fell swoop…

Assist your audience in creating a mental image

While your speech should have an emotional appeal, imagination sometimes does more than it. Try to use ‘imagine’ word in your statement. It will encourage your audience to form mental images. Use words like “Imagine what if it was like this,” in your speech.

You can use this approach any time when you want your audience to conjure up, no matter which product you are promoting.

Metaphorical style plays an intrinsic role

Using metaphors in your presentation can help your audience to memorise it. They will easily connect with it. For instance, if you have to give a presentation on workflow management software, you can start your pitch like it – Our workflow management process was like the chaos of London streets in a rush-hour until the software made it smooth and effective.

Arouse the curiosity of your audience

Even a five-minute presentation can be monotonous if you do not interact with your audience. Your ultimate goal is to sell them your product, not giving a monologue while standing on a dais. Your presentation should not be an everyday speech. It should arouse curiosity.

It is hard to engage your audience with a presentation, especially when you do not have much time, but you can hook them by following the tips as mentioned above. If your presentation is active, your sales will grow because more people will be looking to buy your product or service.

Description: To engage your audience while giving a presentation, ask questions, provide them with a surprise, arouse curiosity, introduce metaphors, and tell a story.