How to Create the Perfect Gentleman’s Study

Masculine elegance and suave style are reserved for a gentleman’s study. The modern gentleman should bring back the popularity of such a room and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Every man needs a quiet place to take some time for themselves. It can be to relax or create. But, it has to be in a room they consider their own. Masculine elegance and suave style are reserved for a gentleman’s study. The modern gentleman should bring back the popularity of such a room and enjoy the benefits it offers. 

Why should you make room for a study?

Even if you only have space for a study nook, one should aim to separate a living area from their creative zone. A study serves for this particular purpose – to allow you space where you can create, read, write or do business. Every businessman needs one even at his home. This room or an area is for his use only. It is a personal space decorated to boost his productivity and reveal his personal style.

Create the atmosphere you want 

In order to claim this space as your own, you should create the proper atmosphere. In other words, you should decorate it to serve its purpose. First of all, color the walls in a soft pastel hue or variation of white. Avoid dark colors because you need this room to be light in order to be creative. A desk is a focal point of this room. Choose something that makes a statement and gives you enough space to do work. A comfortable chair is a must. A true gentleman will pick a leather armchair. If you want to spend an afternoon reading, you’ll also need a comfortable sofa and a coffee table so you can have a snack or a drink nearby. 

Add some personal touches

Details will make this area even more personal so add some finishing touches. An abstract painting deserves a place in this room. You can also make a statement with black and white photographs or reproductions of famous pieces. A statement rug will go well with the sofa and cover the seating area. A plant or two will improve the air quality so pick something that is low maintenance.

Also, you might use this area for entertaining so a minibar or a drinks trolley needs to find its place in this room. Invest in some crystal glassware to show off true masculinity Don Draper style. Stock it up with some whiskey, brandy, gin and anything else you and your friends like. 

Create some privacy

Every room needs some window dressing to be complete. This essential detail transforms any room from basic to unique. If chosen to accompany the style of the room, a window treatment can create a warm and welcoming tone. To match the overall masculine aesthetic, one can choose honeycomb cellular blinds or anything similar. Pick an accompanying shade that blends well with the existing decor elements. Not only will these blinds improve the decor, but they will also provide much-needed privacy. It will also help regulate the amount of natural light and brightness levels.

Ensure your study has a library to die for

Cicero once said that a room without books is like a body without a soul. A true gentleman knows the value of knowledge and works on his self-value every day. A study is a place where a gentleman comes to read in peace, so start working on your book collection. A quality library is built over years, so start by creating the room for your books. Pick a floor to ceiling bookcase, so you can create enough space for safekeeping. Such a bookcase does not have to be too wide because it is tall enough so it won’t take up too much of your room. A nice metallic floor lamp can only improve the look of the bookshelf, so make sure to fit one into the room.

Whenever an opportunity presents itself, buy a book to add to your collection. After some time, your collection will start to grow and you’ll always have something to read. Your guests will also find your collection amazing and use books for entertainment, too.


Once you finish decorating your own piece of quiet and oasis of calm, make sure to add some finishing touches. A nice pen deserves its place on the desk. Also, a proper surround system will give you a chance to listen to some soft jazz while you devour the latest addition to your library. This might be the place where you’ll come up with your next big business idea so create a room for your ideas and thought.