How to Create the Best Custom Gift Boxes?

Effective packaging can be spotted from afar for two reasons:

  • It looks great and efficiently displays a company’s branding. 
  • Unlike damaged packages, sturdy product boxes make your product shine on the retail shelves.  

It is something every business wants to achieve. Particularly when launching a product in the market, but these goals open up several options that you can go down. For instance, whether you want to embrace greener packaging materials, or rigid packaging or a hybrid solution like custom gift boxes that will meet your needs head-on. Many startups opt for a balanced packaging that’s sustainable and cost-efficient, so they can gain a competitive advantage by keeping the costs of the package low.     

Sustainability is one of the features that is covered by modern-day consumers. For this reason, eco-conscious brands pride themselves on their greener outlook. Besides being cost-effective, the ideal packaging solution can be maintained in the long-run without compromising proceeds. 

Here’s what you should consider when designing custom gift boxes for your brand.

Partner with the Right Packaging Company

Joining hands with the right packaging company is essential to creating the perfect custom printed gift boxes. Of course, choosing a packaging partner is a daunting task. Some pick a company that specializes in developing gift boxes for their niche. In contrast, others prefer to partner with a local packaging company like The Legacy Printing that has shared ethos (eco-friendliness, innovative designs, quality packaging, free services, etc.). In the end, it’s you who have to make the call and settle for the one that you think is more appropriate for your business. 

Get more Value out of your Custom Gift Boxes

Gaining value out of your custom gift boxes depends on several factors. For instance, surpassing customers’ expectations, meeting your business needs and requirements, efficiently protecting encase products, reducing your packaging waste, etc. Likewise, getting the best value from your packaging company depends on prompt communication, timely delivery of packages within the budget, and gaining free services like shipping, add-ons, and designs.  

While some believe that small production runs can prove more expensive, modern printing and manufacturing techniques have made it easier to deliver affordable packaging solutions. So get the best custom made gift boxes instead of waiting for your customer base to grow because it’s not an issue to consider. 

Of course, supply chain efficiency is something one can’t afford to overlook. Thus, choose a supplier that has a dedicated printing team and a state-of-the-art facility because it will save you time and money.  

Customize Gift Boxes the Way you Want 

This is one of the fastest-growing trends, as many brands are offering their customers to personalize their product packaging the way they want. Nutella is a primary example in this regard. The company lately initiated a new marketing campaign that encouraged people to buy its products and order another pack that will be customized with their name on it. Similarly, leading fashion brand, Burberry also gave its customers a golden chance to have their initials printed on their exclusive perfume bottle.    

The customers highly appreciate this degree of customization. It’s a joy for them to customize the products that their favorite brands offer. This can be a luscious option for people who want to buy a special gift for their friends or loved ones. You can offer these personalization options around the holidays and sway customers to buy presents. 

For retail startups, it’s an ideal option to personalize their packages on a budget and effectively engage their customers. It doesn’t require much work when you hire a professional packaging firm to do the job. 

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