How to Choose the Right Ergonomic Office Chairs

The ergonomic office chairs came into action when people started facing the spinal problem back pain problem neck problem. There are many companies who claim to be the best ergonomic office furniture expert but you should use your own mind in this article I am going to guide you on how to choose the right ergonomic office chairs.

First, you should understand the difference between the traditional office chairs and the ergonomic office chairs, there are some features which were not available in traditional chairs, such as:

Height adjustment of the chair

Depth adjustment

Lumbar support

Back support


Seat material


The height of office chairs must be fully adjustable which was not available in traditional office chairs. The height adjustment feature allows the user to put their feet flat on the surface. The normal height range of an ergonomic office chair is 16-21 inches. After height adjustment consider the depth of the seat, wide and depth of the seat makes the user feel comfortable while sitting, seat tilt also should be adjustable to move your body forward and backward. The lumbar support feature is the most important feature in ergonomic office chairs, sitting long for hours without lumbar support increase the pressure on your lower back and then starts the spinal problem the lumbar back support maintain the natural “s” shape of a human spine.

Bad posture sitting habits cause back pain and neck pain and if ignored it can lead to serious spinal injury which can cause constricted blood vessels and nerves. And the problem starts with the muscles, disk, and joints. Correct sitting postures keep all the body parts in alignment with other parts of the body equally. Back support of an ergonomic office chair should be 12-19 inches wide, backrest maintains the natural curve of the spine. The best ergonomic office chairs give benefits to your office like reduced work injuries, ergonomic office chairs release the pressure from your body parts. improves productivity, adjustable features of ergonomic office chairs provide you complete comfort while working and make a huge impact on your work performance. enhancing job satisfaction.

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It’s hard to believe but true there are many ordinary office chairs manufacturer who claims to be the ergonomic office chair but the truth is they are just a fancy stylish chairs nothing more. So whenever you go out to buy the ergonomic office chair, the first thing you should check whether the chair has the adjustment feature or not like height adjustment, seat adjustment, secondly an ergonomic office chairs fits all size of people in one chair and this will only happen when the chair will have the seat width and depth adjustment absolutely perfect. You should sit on it and check if it is giving full-back support to your spine or not and does your feet are flat on the surface, when you sit on the chair for the tilt option whether you can tilt your body or not because of a good ergonomic chair always comes with tilt facility. Check the armrest good ergonomic office chair armrest should be nice padded when you put your elbow to the armrest it should give you a 90-degree angle to your forearms, and finally checking everything just check the material of the chair an ergonomic office chairs come in two fabrics 1.mesh and leather most offices prefer the mesh fabric cos mesh is light and breathable easy to clean and even you can wash the chair but for the senior level officers they prefer a leather material chair leather material also represent the class and luxury of the office.

After taking a sharp look at all these features to compare the price of the chairs, ergonomic office chairs are a little expensive than the traditional ordinary chairs.


The idea of writing this article came in my mind because I also spend lots of time sitting on the chair due to my nature of work then one of my friends told me about the ergonomic chair ad I bought one. Then I realize the difference of an ergonomic chair I felt completely relaxed while working. There are many fake chairs company claims to have an ergonomic chair, that’s why I am writing this article to give you guidance before buying the right ergonomic chair.

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