How Much Does Genetics Play in Your Appearance?

Each person looks different. Some are considered to be more beautiful by certain standards, while others feel that their looks are average. If you look at your appearance, you can probably see the resemblance between you and your parents. You can get any combination of features from your parents and their parents, and there are probabilities at play to determine how much you will resemble your children as well.

However, genetics does not determine everything about your appearance. You may not have a say in your physical features, but the way you present yourself to the world is entirely up to you.

Makeup Tricks Change the Game

Barefaced, you can be an exact copy of your mother or sister; wearing makeup can change this without you undergoing invasive surgery. From the way you line your eyes to the way you contour your nose, there are subtle ways to change your appearance to make it more distinct from your relatives. Even your choice of eyebrow makeup for sale may be different from your sister’s, and this results in your eyes being framed in a different way. Add to this your preference for red or dark lipstick shades, which may be the opposite of your mom’s, and your personalities will never be considered similar ever again.

Dressing Differently Redefines You

You can have the same height or body type as the rest of your family, but when you know how to dress to look slimmer or taller, you can set yourself apart. Knowing how to tuck your shirt in a way that hides your muffin top can already do wonders for your self-esteem. Choosing shoes and pants that elongate your legs will also improve your silhouette. These styling tricks are perfect when you’re taking photos because the angle at which the photo is taken will also make your styling more intentional. Viewers will think you have a supermodel body when in fact, it’s nothing different from your family’s.

Your Hair Part Changes Your Look

It’s easy to change your look by changing your hair. This has even led to assumptions that when people are going through something, they cut their hair. You don’t have to wait for a life-changing moment just to switch up your look, though. Simply parting your hair in a different way will already give you a new style, and a quick trim can also give you a more youthful look. If you’re not content with this, go ahead and dye your hair. Go blonde or go dark, or be a redhead just for fun. Because each hair color has a certain personality associated with them, choosing your new shade may change other people’s perception of you too.

Sometimes, it can weigh you down when your family says you’re a carbon copy of someone else. They don’t mean anything negative, but it might make you feel like you have no control over your appearance. But you do. Style yourself the way you feel, so that your unique personality will shine through.