How low budget phones are playing an important role in poor lives

low budget phones

Studies suggest that mobile phones can improve the standard of living for economically weaker sections of society. As of 2021, about 4.88 billion individuals across the world own a phone. Such a feat would not have been possible without the constant efforts from mobile companies to provide low-budget phones. For example, there are Samsung, Xiaomi, vivo, realme, Nokia, and OPPO phones under 10000, which a large section of the society can afford.

How do mobile phones help in improving the lives of poor people?

Smartphones have a distinct link to the financially weaker section of society, with the key being affordability. Several mobiles under 10000 are present in the market. Owing to this, the number of smartphone users is also expected to rise in the coming years. Four notable points come to mind when it comes to the impact of such devices on this particular section of society. Have a look:

  1. Access to education

Students can access limitless information regarding various subjects online. From finding study materials to notes, these phones have improved accessibility when it comes to education. This is a great way to learn, not only for children but also for grown-ups. OPPO phones under 10000 also allow access to reading apps.

  1. Access to financial facilities

Apart from increased access to education, such handsets have also eased the process of monitoring and maintaining finances. Whether it is transferring funds, paying bills or buying items, mobile phones help economically challenged individuals significantly in the financial sphere.

  1. Access to healthcare facilities

Mobile phones provide sufficient access to health resources, health programs, medical facilities, and so on. With better healthcare services and proper treatment, individuals can recover and prevent most health concerns. It also helps medication reach remote places across India. Various digital campaigns are also being run to educate people and make them take preventive action against fatal diseases.

  1. Access to agricultural concerns
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Agriculture is the primary source of employment for the economically weaker segment. Mobile phones allow farmers to access weather updates, market prices, transportation needs and more easily. There are dedicated applications aimed at assisting farmers in their agricultural activities.

Many mobile brands now focus on launching low-priced smartphones. The Oppo phones under 10000 are an example of that. Moreover, people can now also purchase mobile phones in instalments. This is possible with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. You can instantly pay the merchant and then repay the amount through EMIs eventually.

Mobiles under 10000 can also be purchased with this EMI Network Card. You can avail a span of up to 2 years to clear the dues. You can either purchase from the online portal or fill up the application form, verify KYC and make the payment at partnered stores of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

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Along with these, there are several unique benefits available for the customers. One such feature is the availability of pre-approved offers. These offers ensure easy access to different financial products including personal loans, business loans, and the likes. Provide your name and mobile number to check your pre-approved offers online.If the budget seems a concern for you while purchasing a phone, you can opt for OPPO phones under 10000. In case you still find it difficult to pay it at once, you can choose to do so through EMIs.