How can you save your battery while playing games?

Smartphone gaming is a passion for many users, especially when it comes to multiplayer gaming titles. The estimated number of mobile gamers in the country is expected to reach 370 million by 2022, according to a report. Still, limited battery capacity can impede your gaming experience, forcing you to plug your handset into charge after just a few hours.

However, if you are currently using one of the best mobiles under 25000, the following tips can help extend battery life on your smartphone.

  1. Ensure auto-brightness feature is turned on

Auto brightness adapts the display brightness for your phone depending on the environmental light and brightness. Thus, if you are inside your room, this feature would reduce the brightness on your screen, thereby ensuring longer-lasting batteries. Alternatively, you can reduce the screen brightness manually before gaming.

  1. Use battery saver mode

The best mobiles under 25000 ship with a battery saver feature, which eliminates background programs automatically, reducing power draw for your handset. At any time, several unnecessary programs and applications can remain active in the background, even while you are playing games. With this battery saver mode turned on, you do not need to worry about such programs eating up the phone’s charge.

  1. Opt for smartphones with a substantial battery capacity

Battery capacity determines how much charge your phone’s cell can store to start with. For instance, 6000 mAh battery phones are available under the medium budget segment. Choosing such devices can ensure that your phone does not run out of charge in the middle of your gaming session. Moreover, you would not need to place the handset on charge as frequently. 

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  1. Turn down the game volume

Depending on what you are playing, game audio may or may not be necessary. Playing the game with the full blast of audio turned on can reduce battery life drastically. You can either mute the in-game audio from the game’s setting. Otherwise, you can also turn down the sound from within the handset’s settings.

  1. Disable WiFi and data connectivity when playing offline games

If you are playing games offline, you should turn off internet connections during your playtime. Connecting to the WiFi or cellular network can burn some of the smartphone’s charge. However, keep in mind that you would not be able to receive any text messages or run WhatsApp, Messenger or other such applications while your internet is switched off, which can be problematic, in some cases.

The best mobile under 15000 also ships with an aeroplane mode, which restricts any network activities. Thus, you would not be able to place or receive calls while this mode is turned on. Similarly, you would not receive any SMS. This mode is best-suited for users who do not tend to receive frequent calls or messages.

Individuals planning to play games extensively on these handsets should look for devices with the latest processors, RAM and storage facilities. These specifications can aid in longer gaming sessions as well. Even though opting for a premium-end smartphone can be costly, Bajaj Finserv EMI Network members can afford these through no-cost financing.