How Braces Affect The Facial Appearances Before And After Treatment?

Orthodontic solution is not only just about teeth straightening. It is much more! It enhances the relationship within lower and upper arch for a proper alignment of jawline. By straightening the teeth and realign the jaw it will give a positive impact on your facial feature and shape. Read on this blog to know how this treatment does so:

Pre-adolescent treatment

Kids aged within 7-10 years with certain orthodontic issues must visit an orthodontist to obtain the right treatment. Early intervention with several orthodontic problems like overbites and crossbites can correct the issue effectively.

Several bad habits including thumb sucking must be eliminated at this age because it pushes the front teeth forward that certainly impact the shape of the jaw. Other conditions like sleep apnoea/snoring and chronic mouth breathing even affect the developing jaws and teeth.

However, early orthodontic assessment offers some outstanding benefits to the child. Evaluation of the problem in its initial phase is vital as it eliminates the necessity of further treatment in the future. Although not every child requires pre-adolescent treatment but it will be successful for the future outcome.

Orthodontists perform the best ever treatment for enhancing the jaw growth and face appearance of the child. Also, the parents will be assured with realistic expectation of the outcome in the initial phase of the treatment.

A dentist referral isn’t needed to visit an orthodontist for the treatment of Invisalign in London. Yet general dentists refer the patients to the orthodontists for the assessment of their issues along with regular dental checkups.

Adolescent treatment

Once the teenager gets the full adult teeth set, orthodontic solutions must be considered if necessary. Besides advanced orthodontic treatment even the traditional ones are quite helpful for you to achieve the perfect facial balance and required dental alignment.

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Adolescents with gappy, crowded, crooked and protruding teeth are eligible for Invisalign treatment. This is so; because it can bring the subtle changes needed to enhance the facial appearance by restoring the symmetry. Even it will result in providing you with a lovely smile.

Invisalign braces are effective to fix your orthodontic issue as soon as possible. Furthermore, it gives a golden chance for your facial growth and makes it function in multiple ways.

Adult treatment

With the recent advancement in technology, now you can find a wide array of treatments in orthodontics. It includes lingual (inside) braces, Invisalign, tooth-coloured braces and lots more. Orthodontists collaborate with other specialists to fix the conditions of severe facial and jaw imbalances.

It offers an extraordinary, life-changing and dramatic improvement in your facial appearance. Your orthodontist will always suggest the suitable option for treating the dental issue along with improvement of the face appearance. Though most of the improvements are attained by routine orthodontic and non-surgical treatment yet severe cases need jaw surgery.

When it is about selecting the right treatment for your kids, you should consult with a specialist orthodontist. By this way the issue can be fixed along with the realignment of jawline perfectly. Hence, you can expect positive outcome regarding your facial appearance.

Some instances

Given below are a few dental issues which can decline the facial appearance. Also know how Invisalign improves them with great care.


With the underbite the bottom teeth take over the top teeth. As a result, lower jaw sticks out that declines the facial appearance. Invisalign eradicates this imbalance within lower and upper jaw and gives a harmonious lower facial appearance. It will be relatively proportionate and softer than it was earlier.


This malocclusion type can be restored by Invisalign along with changes in the jawline too. If the top teeth become too far from the bottom teeth, it impacts the appearance by making the chin weak and cheek sunken. By making the arches correct it realigns the bit that offers a balanced facial profile with stronger jawline and chin.

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Open Bite

During an open bite, all of the front teeth will not come altogether. As a result, you have to stretch the lips for closing it and get fitted over the teeth. Apart from creating severe issues with eating and speech, it will make the shape of your face long.

However, by visiting the dental clinic, Invisalign develops the contact of front teeth that will improve your smile. It also offers you with lovely cheeks for which you have been dreamt for long.

Hence, while you are thinking about straightening your teeth at London Braces, you will be benefitted with cosmetic procedures too. It will promote your facial appearance by enhancing your cheeks and making your chin weak. The functions of the jawline will get also improved at the same time.