Home Remedies To Treat Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is affecting thousands of people nowadays. No doubt the treatment is there to diagnose it, but the reason lies here is due to our own mistakes, the issue rises beyond a certain level. Fungal nail infections remembered as onychomycosis can occur on the skin and nail from a variety of sources. Yeasts and fungi that come into touch with the body can develop in the cracks of the nail or skin encircling the toenail. For these ketoconazole cream for to nail fungus & other things are there in the market that a doctor recommends to treat it.

Here are some home remedies to treat toenail fungus-

  • Tree oil- Tree oil contains antifungal & antiseptic properties, which is a crucial thing to treat these kinds of issues. As per the research, tree oil is effective in treating the fungus problems within a particular time. Use as instructed by the doctor or the expert for better results.
  • Oregano oil- The presence of thymol is there, which is enriched with antifungal & antibacterial properties to treat toenail fungus. No doubt, some people use tree oil and oregano oil together to treat the issue, but if the condition is getting worse, then follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor.
  • Black tea- Sweating feet also an issue that increases the problem to some extent. We know that black tea contains tannic acid, which stops the soaking to some level by killing the bacteria. As recommended by the experts, use daily for better results or as told by the medical practitioner.
  • Epsom salt- Using Epsom salt is more beneficial if someone wants more relief than other things. It can be used with warm or hot water for soaking the feet to avoid any further issues. Rest everything depends upon the condition of the patient which doctor can tell what to use or not.
  • Clean socks and shoes- Regularly changing the socks and the shoes will put a break in the growth of the fungus. Wash the shoes and socks in hot water to eliminate the germs and to stop the extension of the problem. Keep a proper check on these to avoid any further issues & even these can be part of it while washing like baking soda, vinegar & many more.
  • Essential oils- The treatment done with essential oils is one of the best-recommended procedures to avoid the growth of further problems. These oils include antibacterial & antifungal properties, which eliminate the necessary bacteria responsible for the enlargement of the fungus. Some oils are lemon oil, jasmine oil, lavender oil & many more.

These are some home remedies that stops the further extension of the fungus and the full problem to some extent. But if the problem still exists, then consult the doctor & he/ she will recommend the best treatment or the ketoconazole nail fungusĀ cream or other as per the conditions. No doubt there are some symptoms which tell when to consult the doctor, which includes stubbornness, any changes in the nail & many more are there. Try not to waste time if anyone notice the problem is increasing, otherwise the results can be worse.