Five Reasons To Invest In Premium Brand Of Tyres

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When we go to a tyre dealership, the vast range and heavy prices baffle us, and the thought of switching to budget tyres makes the way in our heads. The lucrative pricing method of lesser-known imported tyres attracts many people and emphasises that the customer is saving good money. However, budget tyres have only one good thing going for them: attractive sale offers.

Otherwise, it won’t be an overstatement to say that they are good for nothing latex craps. Also, they put the vehicle’s performance and safety standards at grave risk. Premium tyre brands test their products for thousands of kilometres before introducing them into the market. Top brands work for their legacy and their name and ensure that the quality is, compromised. If you are looking for new tyre in the market, here are five reasons to invest in a premium brand.

Better Handling and Traction

Tyres are one of the major components that determine a vehicle’s handling and performance. Tyres work with brakes, engine and wheels to produce an optimum performance for you. In addition, premium brands invest in research and development to develop better technologies to improve the user experience and handling.

Additionally, these brands test their Buy Tyres Coventry on multiple terrains and rough handling to record the response and control. Only premium brands collaborate with automakers to produce exclusive tyre for a particular vehicle as Original Equipment. As a result, top brands have produced the best performances at the highest levels to garner trust in the international market.

Shorter Braking Distance

The research and development teams working with premium brands constantly work towards improving safety in general and wet grip handling in particular. Premium brand tyre are extremely efficient at adapting to various seasons and terrains without compromising handling and control. Therefore, if you live in changing seasons and experience damp and wet roads, premium brands will ensure optimum performance.

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The average budget tyres made of scrap rubber lose traction on wet roads. Therefore, when brakes are applied on speeding vehicles, the vehicle loses its form and starts skidding and sliding. This is a major safety hazard because it increases the risk of serious impact collisions.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

The premium brand Car Tyres Coventry use advanced tread technology to minimise rubber contact. Minimum rubber contact would mean minimum frictional force and resistance acting on the tyre. Therefore, the engine would have to generate less power to overcome the negative forces, hence lesser fuel will be burnt in the process.

On the other hand, budget tyre use obsolete tread patterns, which increase the rolling resistance and adversely affect the fuel economy. These latent costs will add up, and the total effective cost for budget tyre will come out to be way more than you spent.


Premium brands continuously work towards improving the polymer compound for the building material. The advanced rubber compounds are lighter and sturdier. The premium tyre also have protective layers of essential oils that prevent the rubber from deteriorating over time. As a result, premium tyre brands give more or less the same feel as the new clothes and shoes.

Budget tyres use cheap quality rubber that shreds at high speeds. Hence, these tyres do not last long. The number of days you will get with the budget tyres won’t justify the price. Therefore, it is well established that the premium brands offer a good value for money.

Better Warranty

Tyre warranty works on the manufacturing defect that might come to light at a later date. Premium brands have complete faith in their tyres, so you get an extended warranty period on factory defects. Budget tyre hardly provide any warranty period, and if those tyres give out due to some unavoidable defects, you will have to go for replacement. This will hurt your budget, and budget tyre will prove to be expensive.

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