Create Your Own Animated Video With These 10 Amazing Tools

Creating animated videos can bring many excellent benefits to your business. In addition to this video style is visually appealing, it can also bring you leads. How? Yup! Because animated videos have higher conversions than images.

Do you already have at least one for your business? If not, you deserve to try it. Animated videos will not make your website slow; in fact, this is good for SEO. Google would prefer to crawl video content.

Explainer animated videos also make it easy for you to describe products or services from your business. See the example video about flowchart maker as follows:

While a great tool, animated video is not particularly easy to make. To make matters worse, the majority of digital marketers are not too keen on learning how to make one. They come up with various excuses like the lack of time, resources, and tools. Well, today we’re gonna solve one of those problems, we’ll give you 10 tools for making an animated video. 


Payment model : Subscription | Price : $16.00/mo. – $99.00/mo.

PowToon is an animated video maker for training and educational purposes. It allows you to pick between Explainer Video, Infographics, Presentation, Corporate Video, Social and Video Ads.


Payment model : Subscription | Price : $49.00/mo. – $159.00/mo.

Vyond is a web-based studio for creating animated explainer videos. You can choose your template from three styles: temporary, whiteboard, and business-friendly. From there, you can customize the characters, objects and voice-over options to create the perfect video.


Payment model : Subscription | Price : $19.00/mo. – $79.00/mo.

Wideo offers a simple, yet rich, editing studio that allows even the most inexperienced user to create a smooth animated video. With their premium plan, Wideo also allows users to access the presentation mode and include interactive elements in their videos.


Payment model : Subscription | Price : $8.00/mo. – $155.00/mo.

VideoScribe is a powerful video animation platform for creating whiteboard-style explainer videos. You can create stunning videos completely without design know-how. It also allows you to enhance videos with royalty-free music, graphics and more.


Payment model : Subscription | Price : $5.00/mo. – $49.00/mo.

Animoto allows its users to create a professional-grade animated video on both desktop and smartphones. The user-friendliness of Animoto opens up DIY animation to marketers with zero to little technical knowledge in using premium production software.


Payment model : Freemium / Subscription | Price : $23.00/mo.

Biteable provides a straightforward video editing space that allows users to create their video either from scratch or edit an existing template. They offer 85,000 clips and animations for their users. The workflow is quite simple and therefore almost anyone can use it.


Payment model : Freemium / Subscription / Pay Once | Price : $9.99 – $29.99/video; $14.00 – $49.00/mo.

RenderForest is a platform that lets users integrate flashy animations and graphics into their video content and presentations with their array of templates. Combined with the drag-and-drop feature, it can cater to most styles or tones that you may need for your video.


Payment model : Subscription | Price : $7.00/mo. – $99.00/mo.

Explee offers a simplified timeline for new users who aren’t familiar with animation, a huge custom-made image bank, and a variety of effects and transitions which are easy to apply. Their plans also support multi-device editing capability.


Payment model : Free | Price : –

Dvolver is a web-based movie maker tool that uses Adobe flash player to operate. It’s completely free and over 8 million clips have been made there. Aside from being completely free to use, you can also request the team to customize a movie maker for your specific needs.


Payment model : Freemium / Subscription | Price : $39.00/mo. – $59.00/mo.

RawShorts is an online animation maker, which allows users to create videos anywhere. They offer a variety of industry-based templates for their users. You can use the drag-and-drop mechanic to edit videos, which is friendly for non-professional users. The free plan allows you to create videos with a watermark on it.

If you want to learn more about animated videos, check out this awesome list of video making tools created by Breadnbeyond, an explainer video company. The list consists of over 100 tools and platforms for making not only animated video but also other forms of video marketing. Here are some of the tools in the list:

  • DIY Animation Tools
  • Video Marketing Platforms
  • Live Streaming Platforms
  • Video Editing Tools
  • Interactive Videos
  • Sound Effects Library
  • Stock Video Library
  • Sound Recording Tools
  • Scriptwriting Utilities


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