Checklist Of The MOT Test: What You Should Know

Checklist Of The MOT Test

Getting an MOT done is more of a mandate than a luxury. It renders your car to be either roadworthy and safe or illegal to be driven around. Hence, it is best to inspect your car regularly and conduct an annual servicing of your vehicle to make sure you pass the test. 

MOT tests could put owners under stress because it could prove very costly if the car fails the same. However, it would help if you did not stress over it, as once you have gone through the test, you would become familiar with the parameters on which the car needs to perform. It is always better to get your car fully inspected once before taking it for the test to make sure that you pass the test and enjoy a smooth rode after that.

MOT Test – What is it?

MOT is the annual test conducted by authorities at certified centres to declare your car worthy or unworthy of being driven on the road. The test is performed as per the guidelines laid by the recent regulations of the DVSA, i.e. Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. It would measure the safety level of your car and issue a certificate accordingly.

Cars that are older than three years need to get this test done as a mandate to be driven on the road with ease. You need to have a valid pass certificate to make your car legally permissible to be driven around. If not, a heavy fine may be levied on you if your car did not undergo a test or the certificate stated fail or the certificate expired. The insurance providers would also consider the claim of damage invalid if the policyholder cannot prove the car is roadworthy. 

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The car would require conforming to a stringent set of emissions and safety criteria to pass the test, with accurate needs differing as per age, class, and size. If there are any issues identified as illegal or dangerous, the car will fail the test automatically. However, shortcomings like an exhaust that’s rusty or tyres that have almost worn out would be listed in the category of ‘advisory’ and would need rectification before the upcoming test. 

What is the cost of an MOT test?

The cost varies for the different vehicle types as it would be different for the light vans and different for cars. The costing would include numerous aspects of the process, including labour, admin cost, and material cost. In case the test is failed by the vehicle, it could stay at the repair facility to be repaired and submitted again for a re-test that would be partially free within a period of ten working man-days. If this period lapses, the vehicle would require getting the test conducted again in whichever centre it is asked to go to. If the car’s owner decides to get the vehicle repaired themselves or get it repaired at another garage, it could be tested again within the same 10-day timeframe for almost half of the initial cost. The discount for a re-test applies to just one. If the car fails the test twice, the owner would have to pay the full price of the subsequent MOT test.

How do you the car have undergone the MOT test?

Most of the testing centres provide a text reminder for free, updating you about the scheduled appointment. The other way of finding this out is by filling in the details of your car on the government website, which would then update you about the status of your previous certificate.

Checking the history of your MOT test online

The government website provides detailed information about the last MOT test as well. The past failure and advisories can also be viewed here. This could be an important piece of information for you if you wish to be reminded of the items that need to be fixed before taking your car to the garage. The non-consumable items require more attention, particularly the chassis, lower car body, and the suspension mounts, as if these areas show signs of failure, it would become expensive to fix them. In addition, it is important to remember that elements like the ball joints, brake pads, headlights, and tyres wear down in all cars and thus require replacement as and when suggested.

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Which cars are exempted from the MOT test?

Vehicles that haven’t aged more than three years do not need to undergo MOT Wolverhampton. It is completely assumed that the condition of these cars would be safe and thus not labelled as being dangerous.