Benefits of elevator door ads and Lift ad services in India

As the current times are creating a frenzy on the advertisements of lifts and elevators. lift ads make advertising enable to a captive audience. Many small business owners are constantly searching for cost-effective ways of promoting their business that is convenient and leaves a good impact on clients and in turns promoting the business. And the out of box idea of advertising is an ideal option for the rising business to promote their business

and direct their message to the audience that is their potential clients it equal to an amazing marketing strategy. lift advertisement is most common in the urban center areas where the homes and offices are situated in high rise buildings that feature the lifts. Let us see why lift ad services in India are suitable for promoting:

Highly innovative ads

In some high rise buildings, the lift ads have become the main focal point which creates a buzz through the visual appeal. The complete lift wraps and enhancements are included that are complementary to the architecture of the building. Whatever your creative sense maybe these ads offer a lot and are budget-friendly as well.

Captivated occupants

A report was made to find out the average tris made in a day by the residents of the office buildings or high resident and it was reported that 6 daily trips were carried out by the residents daily and also including at least 4 visits of the guests in a month. and the influence of lift ads increases awareness among persons

up to 84%. And these ads are found quite entertaining and captivating among the occupants as there is no other distraction while making a trip using the lift.

Micro-targeting the audience

With many other competing channels of advertising, there is no much control over who views the displayed ads. But, with the case of lift ads, one can truly micro-target the audience by building their region and lines. There is a huge plus point in targeting the audience successfully.

Budget-friendly promotions

With high impact and low budget of lift ads, it is a successful main attraction for small businesses. Spending a tonne of money on newspaper and tv ads that are untargeted. But with these just spending 20$ in its cause is per month that is based on certain factors is enough. This shows how pocket-friendly this is.

Consistent Exposure

We all know what happens with the newspapers and all after while either they are chugged in the dustbins or we see people selling samosas and oily food in the newspaper. This is in contrast with the ads placed in the lifts that stay for a longer period of time and are catchy in attention for the audience.

As advertising is changing rapidly new methods are being opted to try and test out the results. As the generation is going on the innovations are increasing and more creative ideas are taking place that is impactful and pocket-friendly as well, and the best example is of elevator door ads.