6 Important Key Points For Desert Safari Tourist Need To Know

Millions of visitors visit UAE every year for different purposes but many come here for visit only. From the whole world, people come to enjoy the cultural view of the city with modern civilization. So book a desert safari trip to enjoy your vacation at the heart of the desert.



Foe moving anywhere in Dubai, everything is taken by your tour company. They provided the best vehicle or transport facility for customers who take you from your residence hotel in Dubai to the camp area of the desert. After that, the vehicle takes you from the desert in the evening and you reached your destination safely.



The duration of the trip of the desert according to the safari tour you take from tour companies DubaiYou get a chance to stay in the Bedouin-style camp in the desert-like an overnight desert safari. The maximum duration is 4-5 hours, but if you want to take more time, contact your tour company to exceed.



The desert safari is the only place in Dubai that provides adventure activities for visitors. Where you can enjoy a lot of fun activities like camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, henna painting, BBQ dinner, and the belly dance show. Tanoura dance show is one of the favorite Sufi type dance show for the tourists. With BBQ dinner, the belly dance show provides a glamorous view that attracts everyone. If you take book VIP Dubai desert safari then you are seated in the air conditioner well-seated area. Get a chance to drive a 4×4 vehicle in the desert to enjoy the ups & downs of desert dunes, under the suggestions of the operator.


Group Requirement

Not any type of restrictions on the desert trip, you may take a group of friends or family members with you. But if you want to come alone, there are also no rules for this, so come alone or with a group, in both cases, you can enjoy a lot of desert adventure. Thrilling dune bashing and camel riding with your group is memorable activity at desert safari.


A lot of Entertainment 

The sports activities of the desert you can enjoy before the evening. After the sunset, a lot of entertainment adventure activities waiting for you. Some desert trip includes the hawk show also. You get a chance to henna painting on your hands and feet. BBQ dinner with Arabian tea and coffee gives you energy for more fun!


Photography with Arabian grabs is a wonderful activity and click photos as memory during the sunset. A fireman show is build up at the desert camp that is performed by an expert person.


Important Precautions

For a desert safari trip, you need some important precautions to safely move in the desert. First, wear a casual dress, shorts, tops, and comfortable slippers. Don’t forget to take sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes.


Facilities at desert

In the desert, a lot of facilities for you, like if you want to enjoy you need to take off your kids at the playing area. The different shops are available that fulfill your requirements well. Food like vegetarian and non-Vegetarian also in the desert with delicious taste.