4 Common Tyre Defects That Need Immediate Fixing

Common Tyre Defects

Common Tyre Defects

Being the main point of contact between the road and the vehicle, the car tyres are susceptible to more defects than other parts. So when you drive at high speeds, it can be a real danger if there is even a small defect in your car tyres. For example, there could be an unexpected blowout, flat tyre, or sudden separation in the tyre parts. To keep such potential danger at bay, it is important to spot the defects earlier and fix them.

What Are The Common Tyre Defects?

While many problems occur in the lifespan of a tyre, but the most common tyre defects that most drivers encounter and need correction are given below.

Misplaced Components of the Tyre

Dislocated components in the tyre can give rise to more complications than you can imagine. For instance, if the centre of the tyre line is not perfectly centred or some of the components are damaged, then it tyres won’t give the expected performance. The misplaced components can place stress on the tyre and may even result in tyre failure.

The Uneven Tread Pattern of the Tyre

The uneven tread pattern is the most common and visible defect that a tyre shows. The tyre needs to be rotated so that they wear out evenly. Even the tyres in the storage need to be stored carefully to avoid mould growth or debris accumulation, which may affect the tread quality. The uneven tread pattern also happens due to high pressure as the weight is in the centre. If most of your tyre seems to have uneven tread, replacing the tyres with tyres Coventry is the only option.

Separated Tread Belt

Another most common and critical defect in the tyre is the separation of tread and belt. Most of the tyres have two belts, which are the inner and the outer belt. These belts can get separated if the manufacturer does not bond the belts properly. This weak bond of the inner and outer belt leads to tread belt separation. Besides bad driving style, the accumulation of dirt, oil, residue, and other harmful components in the tyre is why such separation happens. Therefore, this has to be fixed before you take the defective tyres on the road.

Cracks or Bulges In The Tyres

Cracks are usual to happen in the tyres, especially when your tyres have encountered many potholes over time. The over or underinflated tyres often lead to cracks or bulges, and replacing them might be the only solution. Cracking in the tyres is also an indicator of the old age of the tyres, and it is high time that you replace them. It is not safe to drive with the bulges in the tyres or cracked tyre sidewalls.

If you still cannot see the defects in your Uniroyal Tyres Coventry or suspect there is something wrong with them, only an expert can help. Professionals can find out the defects that you cannot and save you from danger or major tyre repair costs in the future.

At Wheels UK, our car experts will thoroughly inspect the car tyres for defects and perform the most cost-effective repairs. They will advise whether it is time to replace the tyres or repairing would do the needful.