Magento Store

How To Rank Up Your Magento Store?

The introduction of technology and the internet boosted the business world. This lead to the development of Ecommerce websites. These websites became so popular that now you can buy and sell anything through them.  With Google and other search engines adopting new strategies, SEO has become a fresh tool for increasing the audience base. The…

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MOT Leeds

MOT 2018: Legalizing Your Car’s Identity

Introduced in the 1960s, MOTs over the years have undergone rapid transformation and stand today as one of the most comprehensive and long-range tests that provide legal identification to your car. If you are a car owner, you’re probably bound to undertake the MOT test every year. With an attempt to measure the roadworthiness of…

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A Healthy Body has a Healthy Mind

“The greatest wealth is health.” Probably, you must have heard what the ancient Roman poet Vergil said centuries ago. Men of wisdom down the ages from those sages to kings to warriors to poets to writers to athletes to politicians to scientists have all emphasized the importance of staying healthy and fit. What it means…

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