16 Crucial Rules for Best Email Marketing That Gets You Sales

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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating sales among Google organic search marketing, PPC, or social media marketing. Pitching a product directly via emails of prospective target leads is like door-to-door selling. Most marketers ignore the crucial rules of email marketing and end up regretting. In other words, it is the most adventurous and engaging marketing tool. This might involve B2B or B2C, either way, you hawk your product or services directly to a potential buyer. However, the success of email marketing depends on various variables which are often neglected. Here are a few guidelines you need to put into consideration in a bid to attract clients via email marketing.

This guide will walk you through with 16 crucial rules that you need to follow for your best email marketing.

16 Crucial Rules for Best Email Marketing

Understanding that we are not all in the same boat

The least successful emails are those which assume that all consumers have the same tastes and preferences. It is important to note that not all customers are the same. They are characterized uniquely by their interest, age groups, needs and other constraints. So, sending out the same content and emails is a pretty bad idea because they don’t feel any personal out of your email. You need to customize it according to preferences, relevance and categories.

E-mail templates hardly work

When you will compare those marketing emails in your inbox which you have interestingly opened to those which you annoyingly deleted, you will find one or two crucial facts. The most loved categories of emails are just as so: a tidy email structure and no fancy templates stuffed with graphic images. The others you rejected are of those too vibrant, colorful and ‘advertising billboards’ kind of email templates which can look fluffy to your readers.

Shorter Email Subject – Higher Open Rates

It is as simple as that. Shorter subjects on the marketing emails have a higher chance of being opened. Well, you can go descriptive and interesting at the same time but marketing experts suggest otherwise. Short, crispy and intriguing subject or use of phrases has better results. To be specific, emails with subject lines of 4 to 15 characters are most read emails ever.

Be Precise and Get to-the-point

You need to understand that technically the emails aren’t ‘read’ but scanned, it’s not a fairly tale or a thousand page story book that your recipients expect from your email. Remember they are akways behind their haptic schedule. It should be very precise and to-the-point. Your sales pitch or offer should immediately come in at their very first glance.

Build an organic email list

Organic email lists consists of contacts that have signed up and interested to get more information about a service or a product. Organic email lists are more important since they involve actual users who sign up out of curiosity to have more insight about a service or product offered. Compared to other emails collected through web scraping and other unscrupulous means like email lists generator, the contacts are more engaging hence easy to handle during an email marketing campaign.

Segment your email lists

This email marketing technique involve splitting subscribers list based on various conditions. It is effective to guide the sender on which emails to send to which people based on either profession, type of business etc. The process enables a marketer to send marketing messages to specific audience rather than sending random information to an amorphous group.

Also, make sure to remove duplicate,spammy and subscribers who unsubscribe from your list. This ensures you only have relevant working emails.

Craft compelling subject lines

Drafting great subject lines in an email marketing campaign plays an integral role in an entire campaign. Users have a short concentration span due to a variety of content they come across via their emails hence a catchy subject line on the email can work wonders. Use of how to,a question, scarcity i.e fear of missing out, announcement i.e Hurry, free shipping among others can provoke a reader to take some action or read through the email.

Get the tone and timing right

Emails should be sent at the right time. Several individuals grapple with numerous emails in their inbox hence may end up never reading your mail. Send emails during the day when the people you target are actively engaged in their day to day activities. Some people get irritated by emails sent late at night since during that time everyone is unwinding and not ready for hard stuff. Get the choices of words right for the correct tone that might appeal to readers or else the entire email marketing process will not be effective enough. Most marketers ignore these crucial email marketing rules that play a key role in a successful marketing process.

Use an attractive design

Ensure the email packaged is attractive to the reader. A scanty rushed disorganized email puts off serious clients. Elements of text ,pictures and videos if any must be crafted in a magic way that drives readers to click and read out of curiosity. Ensure the company’s theme color and logo is well positioned in a bid to not only appeal but also help the client get a clear picture about what the company is all about through a mere glimpse

Test your emails

Testing emails saves you the energy of repeating the entire process. Confirming whether the emails are real ensures you avoid sending spam emails or emails that don’t exist.

Know your audience

Various organisations use various mechanisms to know the type of audience they have. Some conduct surveys, check client feedback on their portals, others monitor readers comments and engagement. For a successful email campaign, client information which include age,income,education,gender and geographic location are key indicators that should be put into consideration before executing an email campaign. This helps in ensuring only the right scope of audience is captured for every campaign saving on budgeting and determine Return on investment (ROI).

Use technology wisely

Bulk emailer software’s aid in sending bulk emails.Sendblaster and Mailchimp are major market players in the sector .The use of these software’s require high level of expertise to ensure the end goal of an email marketing campaign is achieved. A poor email design compromises credibility of an entire company since some serious clients are keen on competence.Adherance to crucial rules of email marketing is important in the implementation plan when using any email marketing tools to avoid backlash from potential clients.

Focus on email marketing design

The appearance of an email during a marketing campaign is critical in luring users to action. A simple crafted content pomped with great color works magic to the eyes. A well choreographed email induces some excitement through the appealing aspect that comes with how its packaged. Expert web designers play a critical role in ensuring this concept is impeccably applied in such a scenario.

Build a targeted email list

As mentioned earlier in this article, this strategy helps a sender to share marketing messages to the right prospective audience which saves on budget. The trick eases the process compared to untargeted emails conveyed without any proper approach .

Write emails that converts

Conversion is a key element in any email marketing campaign. No business man will jump into a business without any intention of making profit. Return on investment commonly known as ROI is a key driver in any business venture. Emails that convert play a key role in ensuring ROI is achieved. Crucial rules of email marketing remain paramount in bolstering a great results oriented email marketing campaign.