The Best 5 Tools to Create a Logo in Minutes

Logo design is available in all fields, from large international companies to street vendors who have their own brands, and their company logos represent the company’s image. You can think of this brand when you see the logo.

All logos are carefully designed, and many designers often take a long time to create. Sometimes there is no inspiration. What should you do? So that is why this post shares with you to check some of the easy-to-use logo makers.


The logo design service provided by DesignEvo is also quite user-friendly. Its online editor offers a large number of design materials. You can access the matched materials through keyword searches. After selecting the font, color, and other elements, it only takes a few minutes to edit quickly. Can complete the logo design. However, if you want to get a high-resolution or transparent logo download, you need to pay. The best of best, after you have complete the design, you can preview your logo in a T-shirt, logo, and website, etc.


Logomakr is a logo design tool with premium plans. The free package contains thousands of icon resources and hundreds of variant fonts. Besides, various preset color schemes are available. You can arrange and combine the materials provided by the system freely to design a logo that meets your needs.

Once the design is done, you can download the works; whether it is directly delivered to the customer or as the basis for the next design iteration, it is a good choice.


LogoTypeMaker is also an online logo creation platform. In the free version, you can download the files in low-resolution, and the high-resolution logos would charge a small fee to you. It is worth mentioning that it has a mobile APP, which can be used for logo design, even on your mobile.


The design process is also very convenient in Designimo. Enter the name of your company and brand, and the system will automatically help you search for related materials and generate samples. Like other similar services, after your design is completed, the standard resolution logo can be downloaded for free, while the high-quality version is charged. Compared to other services, Designimo is more direct to make a logo. Enter a name to get a complete logo design solution, and then adjust it to get a usable logo.


If you want to create a usable logo in a few simple steps, DesignMantic can help you do it. In terms of a single design process, Design Mantic is very convenient. You need to choose one of the three preset logotypes, then select the corresponding font and the color scheme. Finally, you need to enter your company name and industry attributes. The system will combine your business name and attributes to generate the corresponding logo.

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