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4 Interesting Tours in Indonesia

After the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign tourists are now able to explore various destinations in Indonesia. Whether they have an Indonesian residence permit or any other valid visa, various tourist sites are ready to be explored during their stay.

If you wonder where are the best places to visit in Indonesia, it’s indeed a hard choice since Indonesia has more than 17,000 volcanic islands, Indonesia is a tropical paradise and an archipelago that has a lot to offer.

Interesting Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

1. Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja Regency is a highland located in the South Sulawesi region of Indonesia. This beautiful land is renowned for its distinct burial traditions and the extraordinary beauty of the region.

Tana Toraja has a majestic backdrop of mountains and lush tropical forest. Tana Toraja also has charming traditional village houses. Many tourists choose to observe the sun rising above the clouds, followed by tours of the nearby villages and hills.

2. Derawan Islands

The Derawan Islands are part of the Indonesian archipelago of East Kalimantan and a tropical paradise for tourists and nature lovers to explore. The Derawan Archipelago has six islands and several smaller islands filled with charms to explore.

Maratua Island is a famous part of the Derawan Islands. Here, there are sea caves, resorts, and beautiful lakes. Then there is also Kakaban Island, which is famous for snorkeling and diving activities.

You can explore the underwater scenery full of manta rays, corals, and turtles. Also, this archipelago’s beauty is always maintained because of its remote location.

3. Bangka Belitung Island

The island of Bangka Belitung is located along the inland coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. The island is famous for its beautiful white sand, palm trees, and large granite boulders.

The area is famous for its various heritage buildings and other cultural and historical landmarks. From Bangka Belitung Island, tourists can get access to many small islands around it to enjoy the pristine natural beauty.

4. Wae Rebo Village

The charming village of Wae Rebo Indonesia is located on the island of Flores and is famous for its unique beauty. The main houses of this village are conical in shape with a beautiful mountainous backdrop and are often foggy.

Many domestic and international tourists like Wae Rebo Village because of its local wisdom and uniqueness. Wae Rebo village is located in a beautiful and remote highland. Orchids that thrive with many kinds of fruits, wildlife, and tropical greenery are the main attractions of this village.

Each island in Indonesia has its charm, culture, and attraction for tourists to explore. In addition, Indonesian people are friendly with foreign tourists who are amazed by the diversity of cultures, natural resources, and local languages.

Many foreign tourists may ask, how many different languages ​​are spoken in Indonesia you should know that Indonesia has approximately 1,304 tribes and they may have different local languages.

Even with so much diversity, Indonesians always treat their visitors with a friendly attitude, so many foreign tourists always look forward to coming back.

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